Evolve Night plus new maps



Friendly reminder it’s EVOLVE night. Let’s kick some monster ass!

Also, they just announced 2 free new maps coming soon. This mine one looks particularly cool:


I’m so stoked! I’m really to kill it with everyone tonight!


Oh nice! I didn’t know there were maps on the way. Thanks Ghosthog. Actually BOTH look cool. Broken Hill Foundry reminds me of something out of Total Recall. I’d like to see more Urban. Going to be interesting to know how the Monster will feed in a more town/city like area.

Damn shame that Xbox has another 30 day timed exclusive but I still see us playing Evolve casually in April!

Oh and I’ll be on for sure!


Yes I find it ironic Xbox has gotten the early exclusives on this since Alpha, but still more sold for PS4


Early exclusives on things like DLC is really, really stupid. I’m sure it works too, they do it with Call of Duty, Battlefield 4 had it to an extent, and that new Tomb Raider coming up.


Yea, plus Destiny and it’s only going to get worse I fear.

@DrizztDo_Urden69 going to make it?


If you guys managed to play any last weekend they gave out the developers skins. They are monster only and make them solid gold. It’s pretty cool looking but you are solid gold. It stands out in well lit areas.