Evolve Night success



We didn’t have a full team last night but Strats represented pretty well :smile:

@Nubhugs @Dynamible and myself formed the core team. We started out a little rough lol but won 3 of the last 4 matches, and I had a ball. @Dynamible was harpooning like mad; @Nubhugs was a tanking fool, whether assault or medic lol and I was able to survive 1 second long enough for the rest of the team to jump back into action :smiley:

Thanks guys!

I’ll try to push this more next week. It’s so much better when playing with friends.


Excellent! Are you guys playing on PS4?


You bet we are! We need some more people so we can get that Strats only session

I’m loving that trapper they play a huge role with that dome. I get them harpons rolling that monster isnt moving.


It was a ton of fun last night! Glad we were able to group up. Some of those matches were down to the wire and if it wasn’t for our coordination we might not have made it through. Definitely can’t wait to do it again soon. I haven’t had any time lately for stuff like that, so it was a real treat.

Also, I think my favorite part was @Dynamible’s heart melting for Daisy’s parachute as he chewed through a mouthful of chicken tenders :stuck_out_tongue:


I think I’m almost sold on a PS4. Aaaaalllllmost. I have a few other responsibilities to take care of but once they are done, the decision will be made. (Probably end of April…) This is a big argument towards that.


I was thinking about picking this game up on the PC. Haven’t quite decided yet :confused:


Nooooo, damn being in SC I missed it! And @Dynamible be careful cuz I’ll be knocking you outta that trapper spot when I get back!


No shame in a PS4 @MrSavage. A lot of us play a variety of games on it :smiley: We’d love to have you

If you buy it to play alone, it’ll get old fast unless you like playing as the Monaster. You have to make sure you play it with people you know!


Think you can handle it?


If you’re talking about her, then hells yes, giggity… if you’re talking about the trapper, then yes I can lol