Evolve night. What do you think?

Do you guys think we should have an Evolve night? Should we re-evaluate our roster of “nights” to do this?


I like the idea but as someone mentioned in another Evolve post, most nights are full already, so would probably have to either double up or like you suggest, re-evaluate and replace one not being used much.

I would think we have enough members that could double up, but there seems to be a big difference between amount of members and active ones, at least active on ps4 or i’m missing a bunch maybe.

I would down for this

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Let the record show: nobody is using Sunday night :wink:

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I game for a night to play Evolve.


I think an evolve night would be awesome.

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An Evolve night would be great. It really is at it’s best when you get to work with 3 other Hunters you know.

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i’m all about this! let’s do it!

any night other than Thursday and Sundays are usually good for me.

edit: i’d also like to stream this too, especially if it’s planned out in advance.

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I think organized play is really important in this game. For performance and experience. Its just more fun with a good group (like Destiny!).

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Alright so let’s get serious on this Evolve night! What days work for people who are interested?

I’ll start: I’m open Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Thursday works.

Heck, you could do a double up on Friday if you want.

I’d rather play Evolve Friday’s than DAMP which just seems redundant other than the weekend challenges for a chest.

And I’m also probably good for Saturday or Sunday usually, possibly Thursday’s if not too late.