Evolve Streaming/Viewing Improvements



If you didn’t see this yet, Evolve is getting a new observer mode soon! This will be helpful I think for our Twitch folks and also for those that like to observe to learn the game better.

Reminder: Evolve Night this Thursday!!!


Nifty little mode, the survival odd percentages is an awesome feature. Who doesn’t like Daisy cam aka “Cutie Cam”?


With that parachute tho… So cute.


Freakin lol… I’ll never un-hear that…


Lol that was classic. Would have been great to catch that on a stream :smiley:


I want to play this so bad.


That’s very cool. We could stream matches on the Strats twitch channel with commentary.


It’s a lot of fun @MrSavage. I know you’ve been dropping all these PS4 hints… I almost expect a friend request soon :wink: You are always welcome to play with us, even if you wait for the game to get a little cheaper. I’ll be looking to play it casually with Starts for many months to come when people want to.


We should give that a try this week. This game is a lot of fun. I look forward to getting a full party.


yeah I had an emergency spend to finish up some estate business from about 5 years ago, so once that is taken care of I’ll be shopping! (Gamestop had a PS4 500GB +Destiny and another game for ~$400 that I would have loved to jump on.)

As much as I love my XB360, I think it’s time to give Sony a 3rd or 4th chance.