Evolve & the Big Alpha

Is anyone interested in Evolve? If so, are you going to be participating in the Big Alpha at the end of the month and on what system? I believe anyone that has pre-ordered can play, along with those who are selected from the sign-ups.

Even if you’re not part of the Big Alpha, do you plan on trying out this game? The 4v1 combat seems interesting to me so I intend to try it, I just haven’t decided if it will be on PC or PS4. Most talk on the forums seems to be in favor of the PC if you have the horsepower or go console if that’s where your friends are.

I’m also following Shadow Realms from Bioware, but that game will be PC-only.

I thought Evolve was only on Xbone?

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No, it is not an exclusive for X1. How can I get into the alpha?

Try this @Moro
Don’t know what countries are restricted though

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Evolve will be for PC, PS4, and XB1. Similar to how PS4 got all the cool stuff for Destiny, however, XB1 gets all the fun stuff first for Evolve.

The easiest way to get into the Big Alpha is to preorder from one of the specific stores. Note that Big Alpha is only going to last 3-4 days I think. If you don’t want to preorder then you can follow Evolve on Twitter where they send out codes for you to apply and hopefully get picked.

Success! You have been registered for a chance to participate in the Evolve Big Alpha
Cheers @Nubhugs! : D

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I’m glad to see others call it xbone as well ^_^.

I’ll be picking it up on Steam

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I will likely get it on Steam, but then I see my PS4 sitting there and I feel like I need more games to justify having gotten it. Thought I would check if others had any desire to play on console.

After scanning the Evolve forums it seems like there is a decent following on PC.

I’ll be playing it on PS4 when it comes out. Definitely going to be a day one purchase.

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Wellllll shit, I will probably end up getting it, I thought it was only for Xbone and PC. Glad to see it’s on PS4 as well.


Got some PS4 votes! Already reconsidering that PC purchase.

I’m gonna bump this up. I got my Alpha code, so who is playing this weekend? :smiley:

Got my Alpha code as well. I’ll be on this weekend for some hunting! I don’t know what class looks better. Support or Trapper…

Currently installing the PC version. Unsure if I will load the PS4 version as well. What’s everyone playing?

I am going to be on PS4

Your PS4 is hungry for GTA V…just sayin. :smirk:

^ Much truth.


My PS4 is hungry for tommy to join my game and get me killed. Just sayin’.

Guess I’ll install it on PS4 also. What’s another 15gb download…

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I’m going to play it on PS4

[Sound of kids playing in the bathtub with a hairdryer in the background] …with sweaty palms and a dry mouth @teh_ninjaneer lvl 6 Guardian makes his way towards Phogoth, the Moon Strike Final Boss…all of a sudden his Dinkle bot goes wild screeching “@tommy2118 has joined your Fireteam”… @teh_ninjaneer looks up and is surrounded by level 18 Knights, defeat is immanent, Guardian Down. @teh_ninjaneer sulkily returns to bathing his children, all he can mutter is “Thanks @tommy2118, thanks alot”. :smirk:

Edit: I’ll stop derailing this thread now. :smirk:

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Yeah, that’s almost an exact retelling of the story…

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