Excellent Primer for Vault of Glass Youtube 8m39s

This is an excellent primer for the VOG Raid.
It’s brief and is a great overview of what to expect. He doesn’t go into where the chests are, but there are other videos for that. If you want video guidance on specific steps he mentions, its easy enough to youtube. “VOG Chest locations” “Beat Atheon” etc.

It maybe helpful for new teams and new members to teams to take the 9 minutes and watch this.


Thanks for posting this skull. Can always use the tips!

A great explanation, but sounds complicated. I’m about ready to do my first run!

Super informative thanks for sharing. My body is ready.

I don’t want to watch this as I want to go into the VoG not knowing what anything looks like or having anything spoiled for me. At first I wanted to do it with a group that hadn’t done it yet or knew how to but that seems crazy. So I’m fine with having a leader direct me but I don’t want to know exactly what’s coming. Am I still crazy?

I wouldn’t say you are being crazy, what I’ve noticed is: If the rest of the team has more of an understanding of the Atheon fight than you do, there will be a learning curve for you. The Atheon fight is the only thing that gets confusing, for most raid newbies.

I’d say it will only take once or twice at most to ‘get it’ in regards to the Atheon fight, everything else is pretty self-explanatory, with the exception of ‘relic duty’. But typically most teams have a designated relic guy.