Exclusive :BEARD: Shirt Model No. 2118



By popular demand from Strats Weekly, Mumble, and from Give Tommy Beard T-Shirt!:

At least 20 years in the making, with over 200 internet memes deployed, the viral impact of model number 2118 has been felt by the masses.

This is your opportunity to own a small fragment of history.

The :beard: itself printed on a smoke grey t-shirt not unlike the vape smoke seen on many a Strats Weekly. Do not hesitate.

Get it on TeeSpring!

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Give Tommy Beard T-Shirt!

Ordered :beard:



I ordered 365.

I mean mine. I ordered mine.

EDIT: AUGH. @Auth, the forums are being mean again. Did the syntax change?


This line is the best line I’ve ever heard.


Yeah, change 3758695i37261.d broke the method I’d been using, but this works:

<strike>rekt verbage</strike> :wink:


Thanks. :slight_smile: I think this is the traditional HTML way of doing it, so that’s good.

Appreciate it, as always.


So I was a bit jaded that my :beard: shirt arrived while I was out at the Strats Houston Meetup yesterday, but this evening I was playing with my Intel RealSense F200 Dev Kit when I noticed how it reacted to my currently-bugged Depth filter view (a whole different issue) and decided it was OK :wink: