Exotic weapons?

Hello All, Hope every one is well.

Got my first exotic weapon last night, a fusion rifle that I got the schematics for through a bounty, and had to work my butt of to finally unlock. I had to kill 200 level 28 enemies in a nightfall raid. This took for ever, because I am currently level 26. I was persistent and finally got it done after memorizing the beginning of the current nightfall mission, and sent as many fallen “…screaming back to hell” as I could until I got killed.

Any way is it me, or are the exotic weapons just not all that. It has good impact and loads really fast, but it only has a clip capacity of 3, and really slow to charge, which is what bugs me about fusion weapons in the first place. This is defiantly not a weapon fro the crucible, or maybe not yet.

Just wondering if anyone else is disappointed with their exotic weapons, or do they get better as they are upgraded? I hope good enough to take into the crucible.

Have a great day all, see ya in the ether.

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It sounds like you have pocket infinity. Good thing about that one is it’s fully automatic once its charged. Hold the trigger down and use the whole magazine. Unfortunately, it just got tweaked, as one of its original buffs made it’s capacity 8 instead of 3. Though its still pretty useful for when you walk into point B on firebase delphi and wipe the whole room in crucible.

My first exotic was bad juju though, so nuff said (til the buff).

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Yeah its the pocket infinity, with a name like that it should have infinite ammo, range, and impact. Full auto though; really? did not know that. Well that is pretty cool. Ill have to use it more. I wonder why they lowered the clip capacity, probably just to add another upgrade on the gun. Ill take it out in the field and put it through its paces. I hope it turns out to be a good gun. Like I said I worked my butt of for this weapon.

Pocket infinity before they needed it was ridiculously over powered. It’s still really good without the clip size upgrade though.

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Just did the daily with it, and perhaps I was to quick to judge. I can hardly wait to see how it performs when it is maxed out.

Yep, max it out and it’ll be a whole lot better. I find most Exotics when you first get them aren’t terribly special, however once you get them maxed out, it’s generally a night and day difference.


Invective is the only exotic weapon that made me go “meh” so far (such a miserable reload speed). That said, don’t judge that rifle quite yet. It’s brutal, but the exotics only shine once you’ve gotten all the unlocks done for it. IIRC, that one will fire full-auto and dump the entire mag after just a single charge; it clears capture points like a BAUS.


I just got Dragon’s Breath rocket launcher today. It looks cool, but haven’t been able to upgrade it very far yet. Anyone else have this and care to chime in on their experience? It can hold 3 in the tube, and has a perk for sustained solar damage after detonation.

Honestly, most of the exotic gear isn’t all that great. They tried to buff a few of the weapons, but it remains that there are three or four exotic weapons actually worth using. The rest still lag behind in terms of quality. They attempted to make it a harder choice of which exotic to use; for the most part it didn’t work.

Bad Juju is the lone exception, I think. That gun is night and day compared to how it was before and is certainly worth using now. Other than that, Suros Regime, Icebreaker, and Gjallarhorn remain the best and it isn’t difficult to pick those three over any others.

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I would certainly add The Last Word to this list. It’s been a beast for me in pvp, not so much in pve though due to low ammo capacity.

I’ve got the upgraded super good advice machine gun I’m going to try out. With crowd control and the sga perk it should be useful at times.

In general, I feel the exotics might be more for circumstantial use, rather than all around use. Example, pocket infinity is only useful in pve when solar damage is on.

I would take Hawkmoon over The Last Word personally

That lovely exclusive never made it to my side of the console war, but I’ve heard good things. TLW is the best I can do with my love of hand cannons.

Ah boo… the new Thorn isn’t that horrible in PvP, the DoT actually does something now it can work pretty well.

Thorn is a 2-head shot kill guaranteed. Hawkmoon is beast because you can 2 shot headshot and even sometimes 1 shot someone but is always a certain 3 body shot kill and with that rate of fire oh man

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I just played “one more game” of salvage instead of going to sleep… I went 27-6, got a bunch of medals I’ve never heard of, and looted a Dragons Breath.

No regrets.

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It was meant to be.

I’m thinking Dragon’s Breath will be sweet for pve. The area of denial pyromancer perk will be cool, if you can wait the time it will take to level up the gun.