Exotics From DLC One

This is a look at some of the exotics that are being added with the first DLC. What are you looking forward to and what do you think it’s missing?


Two things:

  • Thank you for properly embedding the imgur gallery for easy viewing
  • Some of these are actually nice

From the looks of it we’re going to see a whole range of exotics from the factions (FWC, New Monarchy, Dead Orbit). That’s good. We need more places to get better weapons overall.

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I’m really looking forward to the primary sniper rifle and the exotic sparrow. I think the sniper will have a huge impact on PvP. Making “shotty snipe” combos really take over PvP. The great thing about that is medium range will shine again.

The exotic sparrow has missing stats and buffs. I really hope they add a weapon to it because that would be a huge buff.

Shotty/snipe already exists thanks to the Universal Remote :wink:

Your right😭 I forgot about that. See anything you really want?

Too many “missing strings” on the lock gear, thought the Titan boots are pretty neat.

These are the first exotic boots shown. I see they let you walk faster while ADS.

@Auth Have the Universal Remote can never figure out a loadout to use it effectively

Willing the bet that arc AR is going to be a drop from the HM last boss. Lots of upgrades coming it looks like.

Lookin good so far. Interested to see the additional perks on the exotic armor for the ones missing details. Also interested about that Thrall explosion.

That looks really cool. I hope it is a viable aoe.

Auth’s Recommended Load-out for Universal Remote

Primary: Universal Remote
Attitude: Zero fucks given
It’s a recipe for success :wink:


I need me some “Radiant Dance Machine” boots. I seem to look down the sights permanently. :smirk: Plus as a bonus I think they would look just Fab while I sport my Vex Mythoclast.

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