Exporting video from your PS4

I’m going to flesh out this guide a little more when I get home but I wanted to get something up.

My goal here is to be able to get multiple perspectives of the same activities. This way you guys can drop off video of a raid or a Crucible match and I can edit together a really awesome video with all 3 or even more perspectives.

Increase the recording buffer

You want to set your PS4 to the maximum recording buffer so that you’ll get the longest chunk of time to work with. You can always edit it down (and you should, preferably). Details on how to do this menu by menu will be posted when I get home (or if someone wants to jump in that would be great).

Export a high quality video file

When you publish to Facebook or Youtube, they (we?) are transcoding the video. While both services will save an HD version, it will be transcoded at a lower bitrate. For best results, export the video to a thumbdrive and send it to me directly via Dropbox.

  • Go to “Capture Gallery” on the homescreen.
  • Select the game folder with the footage you want.
  • Find the clip you want to share from the list, press “options” then select “copy to usb storage”.

Share via Dropbox

  • Sign up for Dropbox

  • Move the video file from your thumbdrive to your Public dropbox folder.

  • Right click it and choose “copy share link”

  • Make a new post with the footage link and what it’s from


So this is different then streaming to twitch? What is the max time it will record for?

It will run a constant 15 minute buffer. So if you play a crucible match and do well, you can simply say “save video” and the last 15 minutes will be saved.

Press the “Share” button on your PS4 controller to open this menu.

Press the “Options” button and select the menu option of “Share Settings”.

Select “Video Clip Settings”

Select “Length of Video”

Set it to 15 min


Ok, prefect. What about a raid though? Wool that still require streaming?

Go to “Capture Gallery” on the homescreen.

Find the clip you want to share from the list, press “options” then select “copy to usb storage”.

Select the file and press “Copy”

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You would have to do a “save video” on each section of the raid if you wanted to do that.

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How long does it take you to export a file to a thumb drive? When i was recording full 15 minute clips for LPs, they were taking FOREVER. Maybe its because I wasn’t using a drive rated for USB 3.0 or something.