External Mic (not headset) Recommendation


Does anyone use external mics? I really can’t stand wearing a headset on my head while I’m gaming for hours, especially because I like to use my surround sound speaker for music/game sounds while I play.

I would prefer not to spend a ton of money on one, but I’ll look into all options you guys have.

I have no real interest in streaming either if that helps, just talking on mumble/skype/ingame and such.

Thanks in advance everyone

Looking for affordable microphone and headphone

I think a cheaper, high quality option is A Snowball iCE. It uses USB connection so you can plug it into your PS4 or your computer easily. These mics are pretty sensitive though, it would most likely pick up on the surround sound even though it is a Cardoid microphone (Which means it records only in front of it). Sometimes when I use my mic on my PS4 I throw a pair of headphones on so the person doesn’t hear them self when they talk. Depending on how close you are to your speakers you might just get away with turning down game audio.

I personally use a Blue Yeti but that’s your more expensive option. I am not an expert on sound like some people here.


I remember using the clip-on kind of mic.

That was last week.

I kid.


I don’t know which one it is but @Vocino rocks a pretty bad mic for his system.


Ah for a cheaper mic… I’m not sure i think @Droul got a pretty nice, cheaper mic not too long ago.


I’m pretty sure @auth, @tommy2118, and @Vocino all use blue yetis.


I have this guy, but need to get a pop filter.



and me too!


Negative, I have a C01U. (Posted above)


Thanks for all the replies gentlemen, I’ll be sure to check these out further and let you know what I end up deciding on.


Has everyone forgotten the tiny Vocino mic?! Whenever you’re listening to me in Mumble or PS4 chat, I’m rocking the little thing. $10; done. My Yeti is hooked up to my recording rig for the podcast and other endeavors :wink:


How much background noise does it pick up?


Any open mic (especially an open desk mic) is going to pick up background noise. That said, it really doesn’t pick up any more than any of the others, but I keep it fairly close to my face.


I know you said you hate having a headset on because of the nice audio you’ve got going on, but truth be told, if you don’t want the audio being picked up, you are going to need a pair of headphones to keep the sound out of the mic, whether that’s an external mic or a mic attached to a headset.

My solution for you is to pick up a pair of comfortable headphones that don’t distract you too much from playing (I hear open ear headphones are the most comfortable), and making sure they have the 7.1 surround to give you the same kind of experience. I use a headset now that has 7.1 SS, and the disparity between that and my own home theater system isn’t that bad. It’ll never be amazing, but when you’re streaming, you don’t really need it to be.

I didn’t read far enough. I didn’t realize you weren’t doing streaming. While that is fine for you, you still have to consider those who will be listening to you. No one likes that guy with the mic that picks up all the in game audio as well, especially if you listen to your games loudly (I certainly do).


I like using headsets for music and such for short periods of time, but I can’t stand having one on my head for the amount that I game. Most that I’ve used have started hurting my ears, and my ears are also get pretty grimy just by being enclosed for so long.

I understand that any external mic will pick up background noise, which is why I use push to talk on just about everything I do (and why I was asking about how much background it picks up), as well as keep everything at a minimum noise level while gaming if I’m talking to anyone.

I will really only use this mic for the PC as well because I use the Vita headset when I’m gaming.