Extra Life 2014 (October 25th)

Dear Strats Friends,

I could use your help. I’ve decided to be the captain for the official Strategy & Co. Extra Life 2014 team and I’m hoping you’ll join in our efforts to raise funds for kids. I don’t ask for any kind of donations for running the Strats.co infrastructure but if you’re interested in showing support in some way, this is a great way to do it.

You can register to join the Strategy & Co. team and select a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital near you to support with your efforts. While we’re each raising life-saving funds for our respective hospitals, and kicking ass playing games anyway.

I’ll be setting up our Twitch-partnered Team channel which we can join as well. On October 25th, 2014 I’ll be organizing as many people as possible to stream under our team page. I’ll be getting together as many contacts as I can to make it a big event. I know this is a long way away but I want to start organizing it early this year!

Play games, get e-famous, be part of the best community in multiplayer gaming, help kids.

Our team fundraising goal is just $500 as this is our first year and every team member can help get us closer to that goal!

You can register totally free by going to our profile page at http://extra-life.org/team/stratsco (make sure you select Strategy & Co. for your team)

I hope to have the pleasure of your life-saving company (and strategy)!



How noble of you! I love this idea and will do all that I can to help.

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Is there a way we could tag Wounded Warriors on there too? Lauren and I are big supporters of this charity. http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/

[EDIT] Just registered, doesn’t appear to be a way so nvm.

Countdown. This is coming up!

We are about 30 days out… When I get back next week I’ll start beating the bushes on this.

Until then, any guesses on why this might be in important topic to me? This pic might help.


I’ve started promoting my page and so far earned 2 donations at $50 each. I set up this Facebook event page to get people interested.

Special thanks to @SkullKontrol for being my first donor of the 2014 event!

This puts the Strats.co Extra Life team at 5% of our modest $1,000 goal!

Thank you to everyone for the great support! Team Strats.co exceeded our goal for this years event! This is a worthy cause and you can bet on seeing me back here next year raising even more! Also, I want to thank my team members for hanging out with me for the 24hr grind. Extra shout out to @auth, @Droul and @Dynamible You guys (and many others!) made it fun and easy. Lastly, thanks to our team captain, @Vocino , Your vision is a good one, keep sharing it and I’ll do my best to make it a reality.