Extra Life Day of Play



This Saturday is the extra life 24 hour gaming marathon. Myself and @tommy2118 both preordered the game and with the release of destiny …well i just havent had time to play Archeage. Saturday we would like to set aside a few hours to include Archeage in our 24 hour marathon session. So @Wayward @Majordomo @Glock29 what do we have to do to join the Strats guild when we play? What /where is the Strats compound? gimme a rundown on what to expect/do when we are making/playing our toons…race? class? what server? What SHOULDNT we do? lol
any help would be awesome…thank you guys!


the best way is to get in the mumble AA channel and let someone there know your name in-game. There is almost always someone in the mumble channel.

Other than that you can send me an in-game mail or a friend request (Thaimaishu in-game)


The majority of our guild land is in Karkasse, most of us have rolled our toons on the West side. I’d recommend going elf for their nautical buffs, and we are on the Enla server. See you in-game. It’s been too long since you and I have gamed, I think Wildstar probably.


yes sir it has been too long…i look forward to playing alongside you once again!



i would love to be involved with this, but it’s my birthday and my family has some activities planned i guess. I won’t be around at all. But i will be there in spirit!


Yes, very easy to get you added to the guild if you come on the Mumble channel.


Sounds great guys…will see you Saturday!


You can contribute in other ways :smile:


oh i already have. i donated immediately after your first post.


I dont remember who said it, but someone in mumble said that they were gonna do a 24Hr stream on AA from 1 to 50. sounds like a great idea but should at least get a 5 man dedicated to that for a full party.