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So the 25th is right around the corner and I’m trying to put together a playlist of games to play for the 24 hour gaming session. I was thinking of taking advantage of the ArcheAge package I bought right before launch and blocking off a few hours for it. Anyone interested in running with me?

24 Hours is a huge block of time to cover, does anyone want to try to commit some time to play any other game together? You know kinda like moral support. I know I will be playing a lot of Destiny, but I’m open to other suggestions.

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Shameless plug :wink:


Every time you hijack a thread a My Little Pony dies a horrible death…

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Hey, you asked for suggestions. Also, for your own safety, I recommend you leave the Mane Six out of this; Dash is very protective of her friends and not known for her sound judgement :wink:


I will be playing destiny, nba2k 15 , wow, madden 15, need for speed rivals, tlou remastered with auth , I also bought the archage and would like to check it out too. Stating awake is going to be my biggest worry as I am old and need naps :slight_smile:

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Since my gaming PC died, I’m going to be playing PS4 all day. Just going to be swapping out my controllers as they die.

  • Destiny
  • The Last of Us (maybe multiplayer with @Auth)
  • SoM
  • Some LEGO Movie coop with my wife
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I’ve got a lot going on that day, but most likely in the evening I’d be able to party up with you on AA.

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Yes to this!!

Another thought: there’s an entertaining minigame a few friends of mine used to play in L4D2; the idea is you race through levels to the safe house on the highest difficulty rather than move tactically or as a team. Super manic :wink: Anyone interested in some goofing off on the PC version sometime during the day or evening?

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I’ve got it on Steam. I’d be down for an hr out of the 24

We should do some Guns of Icarus. @Auth, @DracoIsmenium, @Vocino?

My PC is down.

I might be away that day but if not I’ll play

I mean, a couple of us did that last weekend; I suppose we can do it again :wink:

Sorry to rub salt in the wound, I had forgot. RIP Tianhe-2 I’m sure @Vocino will replace you with something special. (Image below)


OK, looks like my day will contain (at a minimum):

  • Destiny (PS4, duh)

  • L4D2 (PC)

  • TLoU:Re (PS4)

  • PvZ: Garden Warfare (PS4, picked up a used copy last week that I haven’t played yet)

  • Minecraft (PC, though not opposed to getting it on PS4 if anyone wanted to throw down)

  • NS2 (PC, really out of practice; it should be properly embarrassing)

  • Guns of Icarus Online (PC)

  • Worms (PC or PS4, depending on if anyone wants to play. I’ve got Worms Reloaded on Steam but I’m not opposed to snagging a different one there or Battlegrounds on the PS4 if anyone is interested)


Last minute post in case anyone wants a banner/overlay for your Extra Life streams tomorrow :wink:

Edit if you can’t grab it, shoot an email to authstrats@gmail.com and I can send it to you. It’s not my work, it was from a resource pack I found buried somewhere on their website.