Extra Life Team Update

Dear Strategists,

Congratulations on your excellent work! We are crushing it. We now have 8 participants on our team and we’ve raised a total of $610! Awesome, right? Our goal is $1,337. It’s lofty but obtainable if we really push for it.

Our overall team rank is 369 out of 4531. If you think about it, just imagine how much more involved you guys are than so many other teams. That’s definitely something to be proud of. Especially when you consider the really huge communities make up a large part of the top 200 (e.g. Reddit has raised $22,000 and Rooster Teeth is at $13,000).

I’m currently #1 on our team roster but if you can manage to beat me before October 25th, I’ll think of something special for you.

If you can’t donate any amount for whatever reason, one way to help is to share one of our team member pages and let your Facebook or Twitter friends know that you’d like them to help us. I’ve prepared something you can use to share the link:

  1. Click one of our participants on the team roster page.

  2. Click the like/share button in the bottom right.

  3. Paste the following snippet:

Members of a gaming community I belong to called Strats.co are on a fun but important mission to save the lives of kids in my community through Extra Life. Extra Life is a celebration of the social impact of gamers like me, that benefits Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Would you be able to make a gift of $25 in support of our efforts? All donations are collected securely by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

I really appreciate your time and consideration, and hope I can be as supportive of a cause or charitable effort of yours in the future.

I believe in us. Thanks again for all your hard work!

Kind regards,


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Dat shameless plug :wink: