Extremely close Destiny Salvage match



My friends and I (Couple that are non-strats members) decided to hop into a Salvage match the night before HoW as there was reports of people getting upgraded exotics, and HoW drops. Our first match started out terribly. I don’t think we broke 1k points by the time the opposing team had almost 4k. Considering this is a match type that either it ends via time limit or hitting 10k points, we were at a huge disadvantage.

Somehow by the time they hit around 6k points, we decided to kick it into gear and made a huge pushing finally winning out in OT by ~500 points.

Epic match, or at least epic finish to the match imo

Here’s the vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A210MFFTdnU

There is some NSFW language as an fyi. Unfortunately it was also recorded via the Share feature, so it sounds like I’m talking to myself, but the 3 of us were in a party chat. I’m not crazy, I swear! Well maybe a little crazy.


That game was really close! You where treating it up with the LMG though. You guys has some good communication and your getting me hyped for trials.


Ya, we didn’t have that great of communication at the beginning, we seemed to settle in nicely, and ended up working together reasonably well. In all reality, we still should have lost, I still can’t believe we ended up winning.