Eyo I'm VintageMusic!


Eyo, my name is VintageMusic! Closer friends call me Savannah, or Sav.

I guess ill start off by saying im horrible with introductions, or greetings for that matter. I tend to rant for a bit longer than I should, haha. Hopefully thatll be excused.

I found this community through my partner (@AiKiller), and his livestreams on twitch. He spoke very highly of this group, and after a few months of trying to find a community to suit me, I figured this would be the place I felt most comfortable in.

I dabble in too many hobbies, I suppose im more of a “go getter” and “try everything once” type. Currently i’ve been really into photograph, digital design, HTML/ CSS language, and PC gaming.

When im not gaming or doing coursework, im at a local veterans hospital volunteering. I’ve been working there for a bit over a year now and have grown really strong relationships with some of the residents and patients there.

Besides personal things, i’ve been really into PC gaming as of lately. I’ve been debating picking up a new console; (as I used to be primarily a console player, now I stick with PC) but havent had the community or friends to play with. Which is another huge reason why I felt this community would suit me.

Currently I play mostly Minecraft, although i’ve been getting into a few other games such as SpeedRunners, Gary’s Mod, and Terraria. I suppose im still just searching for a game type that I enjoy. I also have CS:GO but im super rusty. I havent played an FPS game in quite some time now, haha.

Hope to talk and collaborate with you all a bit more!
Skype : live:savannahhope.personal
Steam : vintagemusicmc


Welcome! c:


Ewe it’s a noob… who let you here? :stuck_out_tongue: Welcome! :heartpulse:


@VintageMusic Welcome to Strats! It sounds like you are going to fit right in around here. We have members that are primarily PC and others that are console. I myself have been spending more time on my PS4 because I do not have any PC games that are currently grabbing my attention. I think there are quite a few of us in that camp right now. Once again, welcome and hope to see you in game.


Thanks so much for the friendly welcome! :slight_smile:


Welcome! I’ve always wanted to play Gary’s mod.


Welcome! Which mods do you like for GMod?
Lately I’ve been liking PropHunt and Trouble in Terrorist Town.


Welcome to the Dark side sister.


I just recently got into it, so I dont have much playtime in game. Although I really like Trouble in Terrorist Town. I havent found any servers ive really enjoyed although, if youve found any id love to play with you sometime! :slight_smile:


Welcome Sav, great to have you! We seem to have a few couples/dynamic gamer duos in our ranks now.


Btw, big props for your volunteer work, that’s awesome and as a current military member, much appreciated.


I <3 minecraft. If you have not tried the agrarian skies mod I super recommend it!

…Also, welcome! :3


Thanks! And yeah I have, I love that pack. Ive been really into Sky Factory 2 lately. Amazing modpack, you might enjoy it. :slight_smile:


It’s a great modpack I love it! And as Vintage said Sky Factory 2 is pretty awesome it’s a bit harder version of Agrarian Skies with a few different mods.




If you haven’t checked out @AiKiller’s minecraft stream, get to it.


welcome to the group! great to have you aboard


Welcome aboard!
Thank you for volunteering with the vets. There needs to be more support overall for them, so it’s nice to see someone jumping in. (I’m an American Legion member and assist our Service Officer on occasion.)

What are you shooting with?
(I run a Nikon d3000, but honestly, good photos don’t come from gear, they come with training one’s eye.)

I smell a Strats minecraft server coming on…


I’m pretty sure we have one, or at least we did for a while @Vocino, @Auth? Is it still up and running?


@GuardianX ran it for awhile. It was FTB Monster. I believe it was taken down, as minecraft goes in and out of most people’s interests