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Thanks for being patient. Here’s a bit more about EZ PZ RPG.

The name really speaks for itself: EZ PZ RPG really is super simple. I’m a sucker for games that allow you to progress with minimal maintenance. Similar to the games that @Nubhugs mentioned below (Cookie Clicker and the like), you basically get things started, and the game progresses through the grindy parts themselves. You “check in” on your characters every now and again to dump equipment, fight in the arena, clear bosses, and the like.

To note, the game does not PROGRESS without you. The only thing it will do is take care of the auto battles while you are away. Games like this are very low maintenance, but still pretty cool to tinker around with. It truly is very reminiscent of the “Set It and Forget It” mentality. I’m glad you caught that reference, @Vocino.

For Android:


For iOS:


This is why I never play the games that I actually have to beat – too busy pissing my time away on games like this. :kissing_smiling_eyes:



This reminds me of Progress Quest. I run that on my computer at work. I’m a level 40 Land Squid.


I can’t wait to find out what a “set it and forget it” RPG is.


I feel like @PeterThomas6 is pushing the Android onto me pretty hard. But yes, details would be nice.


I tried this last night. It’s just a fire and forget kind of deal, your character fights on its own you just equip armor you find and smelt the rest into armor you can use. This game’s idea is actually pretty cool. Almost level 12 to join the guild! Be on the lookout for “Nubjuggs” Peter


I don’t get it. So all you do is play dress up? What determines if your character lives or dies? You log into the app and hope you didn’t RNG die last night?


I’m not sure what happens when you die. It’s basically an RPG without the grind, it does it all in the background. Your character will just grind out a zone until you choose to make it fight the boss, after it wins it moves on.

What’s the point of any idle game like Cookie clicker? It’s just a fun little thing to do when you have a few minutes. Let Peter explain it! It’s his topic!


I haven’t seen any penalties for dying yet, so as far as I know, it just halts progress.

Thanks. :slight_smile: Post has been edited.

Well if you simplify it like that, yes, but what’s the difference between playing dress up and playing dress up and button mashing? Carpal tunnel and how much time you actually have to invest in it. This game is meant to be a low cost time investment to give you the same feelings of an RPG without actually having to grind for hours and hours (and no in-game Stamina!). It’s certainly not for everyone, but you may find like us that you get quite addicted to games like these.

Congrats, and okay, I will. :smile:

Never that. I’ve used both Android and iOS, and while I used to be a hard core Android supporter, I’ve grown tired of the greediness of most of the app developers, and the lack of insight in the hardware developers, so I’ve slowly been moving towards an iOS preference.

I grew up in the hometown of one of the greatest infomercial personalities in the history of infomercials. It’s only natural that I make references from time to time.


But Billy Mays is not the “set it and forget it” guy. That’s Ron Propeil:


I have to start over because I wasn’t on the “Snap Central” sever :sadgumball: Also, if my thick legged character in ESO has taught me anything, you gotta lift the right way or you’ll be taking a trip to Snap City, which I will now calling our server.


OK, I’m sufficiently intrigued. Downloading now.


I know, but I got my start watching lots and lots of Billy Mays. I only linked him for the reference. There’s definitely a clear difference between the two guys lol.

Ahh, I’m sorry. :frowning: I wish I would have thought to post that sooner. Snap was the newest server they had, but when I checked today, they apparently added eight others. Sorry again. Hey, at least you didn’t waste too much time… amirite?! :wink:


Yes, I started on another server rq this morning but now have one on Snap as well…ign=ghosthog


I can’t add you by your IGN. If you click on the top where your character is, a profile window will open up. I need the four letter number if you want me to add you. Mine is up above.


To confirm what is your characters name? I input your number and I’m not sure if it’s you by the pictures

Mine is 89135


So I gave in and installed this. Pretty cool for a phone game. I like it. Working my way to level 12 so I can join the guild.


Like friends, you need a guild number to join Peter. I can’t get in on name alone :smiley:


Or you can keep hitting the refresh button which (un-intuitively) is how you scroll through the entire list of guilds :smiley:


That’s a TERRIBLE idea ghosthog :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, clearly @Nubhugs isn’t as dedicated as @ghosthog is. At least, that’s the way I see it. :smile:

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