EZ PZ RPG - Build Thread



My guy thus far.

EZ PZ RPG - Android/iOS "Set It and Forget It" RPG - Free

Here’s mine:


I have items that say the next level for relic bonuses needs everything at +2, Rank 1. I now have every item at least relic level 1 and all are +4, yet this bonus on the items is not kicking in. Am I missing something?


Being able to transfer relic status makes it far easier to end up with 10 relics and get the Bling title. Otherwise you’d have to hope every higher level item you find just happens to be a relic as well. I got purple pants out of the deal too!


My ally stats are 500 in a couple, and it is really expensive now. Blew 10 mil this morning.

We got the boss in less than half the time at level 40 so I think we can do it.

Edit: just checked ally stats
ST 531
AGI 792
INT 528
VIT 694


It’s fine by me. Let’s tag @Droul and @ghosthog so they know too. I think they are auto joins though.

Also, I’ve been using the warrior ally, so his stats are the highest (I assume we’re looking at raw stats?):

STR: 684
AGI: 425
INT: 292
VIT: 608


I’ll check in around 4 then. I’m not auto join. haven’t raised the vip status yet.

my archer:
STR: 475
AGI: 782
INT: 402
VIT: 607


I’ve noticed a big trend in Arena is to massively pump up the Ally, so Ive been trying to do that too, but some people have their ally doing more damage than they do.