EZ PZ RPG Guild Boss Alert System



With the current length of the main thread getting crazy we should break up the information to make it more manageable. This first post is to organize, discuss, and make sure we slaughter the guild boss.


Boss 4pm today? 5/26/15


I hope so. We skipped yesterday. Time to smack him around!


Aww yeah


did we get it??


yep :smile:


Should we just plan to do the boss daily?
Do we want to keep it at the same time, or would some rather it at a different one?
A few of us are auto-join so doesn’t matter to me.

And @Rotaugen I’m not sure how but @NVS_1 beat us both on the boss yesterday even though he’s 15 levels below us…I’m thinking some haxxing was involved :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lol, spent my free gems to inspire and got a damage boost :smiley:


I didn’t respond to this post so I wasn’t tracking it and didn’t know that this was happening. :frowning: I’ll know now though!


The guild boss fights raise our guild level so we seed better in guild wars. Still finishing them off easily.


Guild boss today???


Just started. Sorry was late


Guild Boss?


started, thanks for reminder!


I’ll try and remember to start him up today at 4PM EDT. :slight_smile:


If we can get our guild up 5 more levels, we are in the running for top 10.


Boss Hammertime!


It’s on.
I’m thinking Thursday do in am so done by cutoff for scores in afternoon. Thoughts?


I’m on auto, so anytime works. If the others can get in, it might help our guild seeding for Guild Wars.


I say lets try at 8am EST this morning. If we win will hopefully bump us up a few rankings before Guild Wars.
Also, no matter what, I think we will have a chance to win the first Guild War round if everyone goes in to view once starts this afternoon and hits Inspire. ( I think we can go in just after rankings are finalized around noon to do that or bet before they start, which I think is around 4-6pm EST but not sure on that)