EZ PZ RPG Guild Wars



It could help the Guild win at least the first round if most sign in on Thursday between noon and 7:30 pm to Inspire our team. Go to Guild tab, then Guild Wars, then click on Strats and then Inspire. Costs 20 gems but boosts your hp, dmg by 10%.


I just started playing so I’m a little late. Next time though.


I missed out aswell, till next time :smiley:


Bumping for tonight. Please go to Guild War and click on Inspire for our team. (Not Inspire on the Guild Boss page, fyi)
We’re ranked 17 going against the 16th team, good chance to win finally!


I’m sticking through the guild war, but due to support issues, I’m dumping the app. Sorry guys.


I threw a few inspires down, does doing it more than once stack?


I think so but not sure.

Sorry you’re having issues @MrSavage
With their support or just not enough here?


Yeah, their support. Non responsive is the best thing I can say.


Ugh that sucks. Hopefully that isn’t standard for them


Yeah, Inspire stacks up to 5 times in Guild Wars.


Well, at least we killed 5 of them in the third round. That is a first, so we are getting better.


We are currently the 17th ranked guild, so we are almost in the top half.


How do i get into the guild, just started playing


I believe you can’t join a guild until level 10. You also need to be at least 10k power level.
Here’s the official Guild Thread


And once you are in the guild, remember to do the things that give the guild points (Arena, MP wars, etc) that are listed on the guild screen. You can quickly do each every day and if everyone in the guild does them, we will rank higher and have easier opponents in Guild Wars.


We are almost a level 7 guild. If we can bring in more players who have “fight Guild Boss” set to auto, we can start up on the Guild Boss again. Just remember to do the easy stuff like Sign In to guild daily, Arena Battles and join MP battles to get guild points so we keep going up.


Why haven’t we been fighting the boss?


cuz he got away from us last time now that its up to a kajillion hit points


It would take ALL guild members jumping in at the start to have a chance. Ghosthog and I even spent gems to boost and they got away.


We are VERY close to being a level 7 Guld, so everyone make sure to sign in to the guild, try some Arena, maybe Blitz a lower boss a couple times, and click to join MP wars.