F2P Marvel Heroes 2015!


Marvel Heroes 2015

We have all at one point or another wanted to be a super hero and now we have our chance through Marvel Heroes 2015! The game first launched in 2013 and was faced with numerous issues but it has been revamped and relaunched as Marvel Heroes 2015. So for those of you who have already tried it in the past all i can say is give this game a shot, its on steroids now!

With a roster of 43 heroes and more to come you can play as your favorite hero or villain and experience a marvel-esque story line! Starting out in the avengers tower you will be thrown in a world of strife, having to defend the galaxy against Doctor Doom, Loki and a myriad of other evils.

But like any mmo the game has several other non linear paths for you to follow. Several different modes such as defending the X-Men mansion from supervillains or crushing thousands of enemies in Midtown! Once you hit level 60 you can finally join in on the Raids and the Cosmic Terminals for epic loot and huge battles!

There is a cash shop but its mostly cosmetic. You can either unlock heroes (you start with a handful of free ones) with eternity splinters that drops of enemies or with cash. But there is nothing that you can buy from the shop to give you an edge against the F2P crowd.

10/10 on the fun scale! (who doesn’t want to be iron man or doctor strange?)

For more detailed info reddit has us covered! http://www.reddit.com/r/marvelheroes


i recently reinstalled it, and it seemed exactly like it was at original release. of course i didn’t ever level high enough to check out end-game content, so perhaps most of the changes went towards that aspect.


The game is certainly different than it was a year ago, though whether it all is improvements is subjective.

The Diablo2-style skill synergies are gone. Homogenization between heroes has taken place; tank, bruiser and mage “roles” are less defined now than previously. Heroes are being reworked so that each has at least one type of buff to bring to a raid. Buffs/debuffs are all similar value so that one hero isn’t preferred in that regard.

A lot of content has been added in a year and they have done good about releasing one hero per month and even sneaking in a couple of surprise extra heroes.