Fable Legends Beta


Anyone get an invite to the Fable Legends beta? I just got accepted to it on Xbox One. Be interesting to try it out.


Wait, what is this? Like “Fable” Fable?
If so, is there a PC or PS4 version?

Oh wow, I just looked this up. This looks basically like Shadow Realms but in the Fable universe. @Auth have you heard of this?


I signed up for PC beta months ago. No response yet.


Yep, Fable Fable. I signed up on the Xbox One beta and just got accepted today.

@teh_ninjaneer - My invite is an Xbox One invite, so unsure if they’re sending out PC ones at the moment. Hopefully you get a response for the PC Beta soon.


So what I see on their website is that it’s for xbox one, and Windows 10. Not sure if that just means that it will be for 10 as well as 8, or if they don’t intend to support 8 at all. I wouldn’t think that would be the case though.


i got my xbox one beta invite today too. I will be trying it tonight. not sure if they’re allowing streaming of it yet, but i’ll look into it and if i’m allowed, i will.


I did a quick search around the Fable Legends website to no avail, but it appears when they first started the closed beta it was strictly forbade with dire consequences; read any EULA it comes with carefully :wink:


Yep, I remember reading that post a little while back. I’m excited to hop on and try it out.


oh thanks, saved me a search. those are indeed dire consequences. ouch.


I liked 1-3 but the kinect only version looked to be not much fun.


Ya that looked brutal.