Facebook! yes or no?


Do we have a Facebook page? I believe it would make.it easier to coordinate different events and finding members to do random.missions and such! Let me know if we have one or If there is enougb people interested in having a fb page for the crew!!


Indeed we do, good friend:


Are you looking specifically at GTA or broader?


Just the typical strats community :slight_smile:


Considering everyone in the community is already on these forums and it works well even from mobile (source: currently on mobile) it makes sense to me that we just coordinate through here rather than go through the effort of exchanging IRL information (which not everyone is comfortable with, I’m sure, nevermind the fact that not everyone has a facebook) and having to check online locations other than the one we all registered on and which brought us all together in the first place.


We also have a looking for group LFG section of the forums specifically for hooking up with people and playing games that don’t have (or sometimes already do have) their own catigories


If there is something big coming up you can also request that it gets added here.