"Fair chance" and other sidebars


Who is to say what a ‘fair shot’ is?

The whole review process is completely subjective. If he spent 13 hours playing the game (not an unreasonable amount of time) and felt it was getting repetitive, then that’s how he felt.


Mini Review: Battle Chasers: Nightwar

I was hoping for a response like this.

My idea of a fair shot is playing Battlefront 2 even though it has loot boxes.


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Every once in a while I wish we had some sort of down-vote mechanic.



Then you remember that I proved your argument invalid.




I would say that… it depends. Sorry, I know that’s a bullshit answer.

The problem is that the game may fail completely at some things but be great at others. This could mean the game is a failure, of course. If someone knows about that inner goodness of the game but a review doesn’t mention it, they may assume the reviewer didn’t spend enough time to realize it.

The best example of this is with tutorials. The common UX pattern for games is progressive disclosure. A game slowly teaches you mechanics by introducing new features and making new things available. As these are disclosed to the user, overall complexity increases.

EVE Online has always suffered from this and is probably the most extreme example I can think of. You have a very steep learning curve and a base game that differs wildly from the experience of being late game with a huge org participating in the meta war.



I’m going to say that both sides of the conversation have a point here. One can say that a road is beautiful and enjoyable, the other one can talk about how this one shitty bridge in this one spot made them turn back and that at as a result that road is not worth traveling through. As long as they both concede each other’s point they are both correct and it comes down to each one’s personal tolerance to certain issues in order to give an overall opinion. In this case, I’m in the camp that, while BC:NW was a lot of good points throughout, its idea of “challenge” absolutely destroys what is otherwise a very pretty, quite interesting, and otherwise deceptively complex game. To mention something closer to me at the moment, it’s like someone hating Dark Souls 3 because they couldn’t manage to get past the Pontiff Sulyvahn fight in what would be an otherwise pretty dope game. Talking about the thing that sours the game into being ruined for you is just as fair as talking about the stuff that you love from it imo.

I guess in a perfect world people should weight the positives and the negatives and then give a balanced recommendation based off the whole, but a review is an opinion piece, and as long as the reviewer considers the other aspects of a game and as long as he stays truthful to their experience playing it, I won’t disagree with one particular sticking point ruining their enjoyment of it, and I won’t argue with it hurting the overall score beyond the point of not recommendation, because as much as I had a good time with it myself, that one battle made me regret the previous 10 hours I spent with it.

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I’d also point out that my “Mini Reviews” are just that - mini. My initial goal was to write something about all of the games in my library, not do a full on review. Since my initial goal was met, I have started writing more about certain games when I finished them, particularly the ones I liked. That being said, most of them are below 300 characters and I don’t go in to a huge amount of detail.



Personally, I quite enjoy your mini-reviews sir!

Keep up the good work!



I think we can all agree the mini reviews are good.



I prefer micro reviews. Give me what I need to know in three words or less.

Sennish micro reviews…
WoW = "Again? Ok, fine…"
BF2 = "Worst Loot Box"
GW2 = "Best Loot Box"
CIV6 = "F* you Germany"
OW = “Nobody Play Support!”



Now I feel like we need a thread with “reply with a game review of 5 words or less” or something. It’ll be bigger than What’re you jamming right now?



Why are you diluting my challenge with 2 extra words?



because you said 3 sentences, not 3 words… silly sennish



More like some people get their feelers hurt too easily.

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I would say a fair shot is playing Dota 2 for more then 5 mins after you realize its shit

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Pretty much this.






everyone can see that big orange “edited post” pencil icon
we all know what you did and what you said :stuck_out_tongue:



OW: “Toxic as fuck”

Or possibly… “I need healing”

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