Fake Leaked DLC Info (Thanks 4chan)

Original thread was on /v/. I found a post on reddit about it. This is it’s content.

They had a link to the pastebin, when/if the post gets deleted.

Supposedly a tester for the DLC leaked information on some of the content he/she played for the upcoming expansion, “The Dark Below” coming out in December. A new raid, and the third subclasses will supposedly be unlocked.

I’ll repost the pastebin below:

Titan - Crusader
Super: “Purge” You shoot this giant horizontal column of light directly in front of you. Upgrades can thicken the cylinder (default is size of Guardian, upgrade is about 200% increase), have the column shoot through walls, or shoot a second column behind you as well.
1 Throws 3 small fire grenades at once. Think like a very small version of the Warlock Void special.
2 Drops grenade behind guardian. Designed for escape tactics when being chased.
3 Self planted grenade. Button activates grenade for 8 seconds. Any melee damage taken at that time sets grenade off, barely doesn’t kill a guardian by itself.

Warlock – Arc Thrower
Super: “Jupiter’s Storm” Creates an orb about the size of a Servitor slightly above and in front of you. The orb floats in the air and shoots lightning out at anything that come near it. Upgrades can increase range, can cause chain lightning, or cause the orb to spawn further away from the player character.
1 Arc Grenade that detonates on second button input.
2 Grenade the transfers health to the Warlock.
3 Fence Grenade – Creates small electrified fence. Sticks to walls like the Titan Lightning Grenade and lasts about half as long.

Hunter - Trapper
Super: “Void Well” Drops a Void well on the floor. Enemies inside the Void well cannot jump, and have reduced movement speed. Upgrades can reduce all enemy movement, prevent enemies from using abilities, or increase radius of Void Well.
1 Generic void damage grenade, doesn’t bounce. Sticks to any surface.
2 Bolas that act as a sticky, but do minimal damage while greatly reducing targets movement speed, and prevents them from jumping.
3 Caltrops. Throw them on the ground. Not super easy to see. A large amount of them on the ground, stepping on one detonates it for a small amount of damage. 1 “grenade” can kill a Guardian with a little left over.

The Hive raid is going to be pretty fun. From what I’ve tested so far the first boss is much more enjoyable than either boss fight in the Vault of Glass. Lets just say there is this fun almost escape sequence where all the guardians will want to be on their sparrows, trying to outrun a giant Ogre. Some of the Wizards have different attacks instead of that bombardment you are currently seeing, makes them less of a pain.

I’m pretty sure redditors confirmed this was fake. Although it does sound really sweet.

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I wish I had a down vote button for you😢. Your right though, so no hard feelings😁

The whole thing lost me at “Arc Thrower”

Crusader I could see, but might as well call the class “Mr Lighting”.

The Trapper name is fine, but holy crap would I be mad if that is what I got for abilities.