Fall 2016 Rocket League Tournament Feedback



#Let us hear what you think!
After initially drafting a signup post for our upcoming Rocket League tournament, we were immediately met with a pretty hefty amount of feedback and want for more particulars. So, tell us what you’d like to see! Please include what platform you would be interested in playing on (it’s reasonable that you can participate on multiple platforms if you’d like, so please let us know any and all you’d play on), whether you want teams and/or singles, brackets or point-systems where you play everyone involved, and we’ll see where we are. I’m going to draft the tournament thread based on feedback here and what’s been previously-provided during Strats Weekly.

The tournament(s) will begin the week of 5 September 2016; all other factors TBD next week :wink:


If enough people sign up, i would like to do a everyone vs everyone stage, and then the top 8, 6, or 4 (depending on how many people sign up) go into a playoff bracket.


In on PC & PS4. Dont care about the minutes details, just a community event.

Like the original idea of “You’ve got a week to get your match played”, less work for leadership.


It’s more about providing flexibility for folks to get their matches in rather than having them tied down to a reoccurring time like “Friday nights” or several nights a week playing multiple sets of matches :wink:


Did I miss the sign ups for this?


Yes. You can’t play now.


Seriously, they were open for a good 15 minutes; if you can’t sign up in time, I don’t know what else to tell you other than “git gud” :wink:

Actually seriously: we’ll have signups next week, we’re just trying to get a rough headcount and platform check as well as figure out if there’s any particulars people do or don’t want to see.


I’m on PC, and I’d definitely be interested if the tournament is teams of 2 or more (2v2 or 3v3).

While possible, the game isn’t really designed for 1v1 play. If the ball EVER gets knocked by you, there’s a near zero chance of recovery.

It would be nice if we could enter as teams of 2, or singles… And the singles would get randomly paired up.


Something kicked around in the Strats Weekly was adding 1-2 bots to each team in the event that the headcount for a given platform dictates a 1v1 format (the idea being that it’s less likely to be an insta-goal if it gets past you while also adding the entertaining element of the AI both helping and hindering). Thoughts?


While not ideal, I’d probably still play in that…

My challenge is that I have a friend or two I usually play with, so I’d have to know ahead of time whether or not to set aside their time for the tournament (they won’t want to play with bots).


I want to be part of this, scrubbing it up with the rest of the PS4 folk, but I’m worried that my Pacific Coastal Cruise mid-September will derail things (gone for just over a week). As to the format though, I’m game for whatever if it works out that I can roll with y’all.


We had to work around vacation stuff in the Worms tournament too, so don’t sweat it; we’ll either have you pre-play your games or make them up in a later week, depending on what works best for everyone involved :wink:


Can I sign up now? Do we need to choose a partner? Will anyone be my friend? Tune in next time to find out.


But before then, let us know what platform(s) you’d play on so we can get an idea of who/what we’re working with :wink:


I’m down!!!


In for any platform, have it on all 3. :dickbutt:

Teams would be cool… we should get some trials going ASAP.

I’m also down for brackets and/or point system.


I can pick it up on pc


I’d be down. I’m a newb, as i just picked it up in a humble bundle a few weeks ago but i do have a blast playing it the few times i have. PC player here. Looks like i better work on getting my ps4 controller going on the pc before hand.


You definitely want to play this game with a controller.
Being good at this game with a keyboard is nearly impossible…


Can’t play Rocket League for shit but I’d love to watch if someone is down to stream this bad boy? Maybe we can have some commentary? I’d love to be a commentator.