Fallout 4 Playstyle



With Fallout 4 coming out on Tuesday I was wondering how everyone is going to play. One of the things I love about fallout is the ability to play in so many ways. You can be a heavy weapons expert, melee warrior, sniper, or reverse pick pocket master.

How are planning on playing and why?


I plan on skipping class and work, turning off my phone, popping a bottle of champagne, and not getting out of my pajamas.


How are you going to play though? Are you going to set up your character to use snipers, melee weapons, assault rifles, rocket launchers, or a knife? There are so many option which make the game really enjoyable.


Whenever I play New Vegas, I play unarmed. I stock up in Primm, head up near Red Rock and grab Love and Hate, then bash everyone’s heads in. Hopefully there’s a way to play the same way in this new game.


My plan right now is to try a charisma & intelligence character. It might be hard going but also fun to avoid combat.

I guess toward endgame I’ll be shooting people with energy weapons.


Ohhh. I think I’m going to go sniper or maybe melee. :wink:


Usually small guns or energy weapons for me, both are looking quite good. With the crafting options and new style of perks melee actually looks to be pretty damn fun though.


I’m definitely going to be rocking a cowboy hat and a six shooter.

I’m still sad I couldn’t get anyone in the UK to send me some of this for when I play.


you realize that target in the US is going to be selling a non alcoholic nuka cola you can just spike yourself?



But… I’m from Canada… We don’t get anything good…


I’m going full energy weapons!


Energy weapons are a lot of fun. I loved the laser Gatling gun. Walking around just melting people.


Melee and plaz grenades for me. It’s pre loading through Steam now!


Being the go big or go home kind of guy I am, I’ll be looking to unleash as much carnage & collateral damage as I can. It likely also means I’ll die often in the explosions I unleash.

Champagne & pajamas? There better be chocolate dipped strawberries.

Well, we do have Fuggles & Warlock:


I’m also considering power armor. . . not decided yet.


I think I’m going to do a lot of sniping, and sneaking. That’s how I play a lot of these types of games. Avoid close combat as much as possible, but I’ll have a shotgun for close encounters just in case, and for when I have to clear a building, room to room.


Having done some research on the game, I definitely will try a high charisma build for my first playthrough. I might be one of the few who try this but it should be fun to see if the game can be played this way.


If you do this I propose Max charisma and 1 intelligence.


The lovable and silver-tongued dimwit?