Fallout 4 Season Pass



I am getting paid today so I can finally buy Fallout 4 just in time for tonight’s/tomorrow’s release. My big question: Is the season pass worth the $30 price tag? I know we have discussed Season Pass’s for battlefront(field?), as well as other games, but I was just wondering if anyone had bought it.


I’m waiting to pick it up for more news on future content. If I remember correctly the Skyrim DLC were around $20 or $30 at launch. So, buy a DLC get one free kind of thing.


That makes sense. I just wasn’t sure if the season pass thing was just before release.

I haven’t done as much research into Fallout 4 as I usually do for new games, so I guess I have some reading up to do. :wink:


I guess me too, I’m not sure how a season pass actually works. Like, when it will no longer be available.


I think (hope) the season pass will remain available for weeks/months after release. At least until the first DLC is released. Surely they will give players time to evaluate the game before deciding to purchase the season pass.

There is no game+pass combo that makes it cheaper; the Fallout 4 season pass has to be bought separately. Battlefront and Black Ops 3 both offer a combo option that makes their DLC cheaper when you buy it with the base game.


That’s frustrating. C’mon, Bethesda! :anguished:


The season pass will still be cheaper than buying each DLC separately.


I always discourage people from getting season passes. Buying expansions on release is only slightly more expensive. I would rather not lock myself in.


That makes sense. Thanks for the info everyone!


On the flipside, if you enjoy the base game and feel like you would buy the DLC anyway, I say it’s a good thing to buy season passes. The presales of things like season passes helps the developer gauge interest in the game and keeps the game’s content designers with a job.

But that’s all part of the debate about DLC, preorders, etc.


Get +10$ when trading in a game at GameStop for tonight’s release.


Fallout dlc has been generally worthwhile. I’m confident enough in the quality that I wouldn’t mind a season pass. Other companies both so much. $50 for a season pass Battlefront? Really?