Fallout 76: Mods



Fallout 76: Mods

What can mods do for you

Blur Reduction

The overall Fallout 76 game has a blur to soften the game world and make low resolution textures blend. Personally i found this to be too much blur and everything just looks muddy so I looked into some ReShade presets and found one labeled

Crisp and Clear. The header screenshot was taken with a modified version of this preset.

Note: I am still trying to find a good balance between muddy textures and too much sharpness.

HD Map

The default map is nice and all but then i stumbled upon this... someone recreate the entire map using high resolution icons and textures and now I can't stand the default map.

Ultimist’s High Detailed Map


  1. Click the Files tab in the link above
  2. Download the Ultimist’s High Detailed Map - ba2 version
  3. Follow his instructions: Extract to Fallout76\Data. Copy Fallout76Custom.ini to Users\Username\Documents\My Games\Fallout 76. Replace “Username” with your Windows username. Or edit your existing custom .ini to include the entries found in mine.

Note: There are various versions of his map, different colors/saturation so look through his screenshots in case you like any of the “optional” versions he has available.

Field of View, Depth of Field, Motion Blur, Mouse Acceleration Fix

This mod utilizes the Fallout76Custom.ini file we used in the HD Map mod (step 3). Open the .ini file in notepad (or any basic text/code editor) and add the items under the [Controls], [Display] and [ImageSpace] sections. Below is what the entire file should look like with the HD Map mod as well. If you don't want the HD Map settings in there just remove the items under [Archive].

Most of this is from this mod but its just a copy/paste into the file we already have from the Map Mod so no need to download anything.




SResourceArchiveList2 = SeventySix - Animations.ba2, SeventySix - EnlightenInteriors.ba2, SeventySix - GeneratedTextures.ba2, SeventySix - EnlightenExteriors01.ba2, SeventySix - EnlightenExteriors02.ba2
sResourceIndexFileList=SeventySix - Textures01.ba2, SeventySix - Textures02.ba2, SeventySix - Textures03.ba2, SeventySix - Textures04.ba2, SeventySix - Textures05.ba2, SeventySix - Textures06.ba2, UHDmap.ba2

Other Mods

Here are some mods found on Nexusmods that sound interesting but I haven't installed due to the fact that i like to keep games as vanilla as possible until I complete them, then i tend to install easy mode mods like the glow ones below. I just found the clouds one so will be giving that a shot tonight.

Final Note

There are 2 big patches coming out in December that might break any of these (or none of these). It seems that the Fallout 4 modding community is getting a grasp of what they can mod in Fallout 76 and have started to make some cool things. I expect more custom skins/shading to pop up very soon (there are a few already).


This is amazing. I can’t wait to get home and use FOV! The inventory mods look life changing.


So I just realized I can’t use Vortex to manage 76 mods? That sucks.


I haven’t tried it yet but this tool manages modded files for 76:
Baka File Tool
(wish i would have seen this before i installed mods but oh well lol)


I installed a couple of the interface mods. Life changing.