Fallout 76 PC B.E.T.A Session #1



How do…

Other sessions



Dude, I am so jazzed about this.
Will you be there @vocino? I think that’s a bit early for you over on the West Coast.


It is indeed but I’m going to try to make it work.


I would love to play this but i am too poor to buy it :frowning:

I loved Fallout 4.


This is one of the only B.E.T.A. windows I’ll be home for. I am both hype and sad.


Well, take solace in the fact that full launch is only 2 weeks after that BETA window. :smiley:


And I’ll get to be the scrub for once; y’all’ll have to hook me up :wink:


Well I plan on going INT/CHA full on Support/Outfitter build.
So you’re in luck because I’ll be crafting


Is there not a wipe after beta?


There is not. Progress will carry over.


Assuming I can make all the sessions: great!

If I can’t: damnit!


This is about the only one I’ll be able to make (though I might try and give it a go on Nov. 3). Whodathunkit that a random split shift would come up Milhouse like this.



For once the beta works in favor of my schedule. Get home from work with 9 hours to go, plenty of time to eat and sleep.