Fallout 76 Quick Starter Tips



I’m trying to collect as many of these quick tips from various articles around the interwebs as I can before BETA and launch. If you have any, please post them up!

  • If you’re not happy with how your in-game character looks, you are able to customise their appearance at any time. You don’t even need to exit the game first in order to do so.

  • The Pip-Boy always takes up the entire screen, which is fine for a singleplayer experience. But for Fallout 76, this can mean that the world is going on without you, and you could therefore be vulnerable to being attacked. You can toggle your view of the Pip-Boy so that it shows your surroundings a little better when perusing the menus.

  • As this is an online game, make sure to use your quick-slots so you’re not navigating through menus to change weapons or heal yourself.

  • For those that just prefer playing Fallout games in third person, this is entirely possible and is done in much the same way as previous games.

  • Tired of the same old loading screens? Photos taken within Photo Mode will be used if you fast travel or any time you would load your character into the world of Fallout 76. So if you want to add that personal touch, get to snapping pictures.

  • If you’re looking for general loot, don’t worry too much about other players taking items from containers before you. Since each container is made for that player, only you will be able to loot its contents. Items left out in the open however are a different story, with bobbleheads being a primary example. These items do respawn after a time however, so don’t be too disheartened if someone else takes it first.

  • Completing mini-challenges is worth doing if you’re interested in gathering Atom Points. These are premium currency that are otherwise available to purchase directly at the game’s launch, and are used to buy cosmetic items. If you don’t want to fork out real cash, then mini-challenges will be the other way to earn them.

  • Keeping well fed and watered is more important than you might think. You’ll certainly be more thirsty than hungry, though neither of the two bars decreases too quickly. You do get a bonus for having both of the bars over 75%, so make sure you’ve got a steady supply of rations.

  • Fast travelling can now cost caps. You can fast travel anywhere you’ve visited before, but the further away from your current location it is, the more it will cost you. Have a steady supply of caps for those times where a long trek is just too much to bear. The only locations that don’t cost caps are Vault 76, your deployed CAMP, and the location of any player in your party of four.

  • When you find Bobbleheads and magazines, they provide a temporary buff rather than a permanent one. This means that should you find a second copy of that Bobblehead or magazine, they’ll refresh the buff.


Scrap everything, weight is important. If you have a lot of scrap, take it to a tinkerer’s bench and craft it into bulk scrap, saves even more weight. Scrapping weapons is also how you learn new mods.

Food spoils, so keep an eye on your food and eat it before it goes bad.



Said another way, each container is “Instanced” so that every player can loot it. Even one right after another.

You will also get a debuff which reduces your Max AP (much the same way that Rads reduce Max HP) when Hunger or thirst dip below 50%.


Welp, this thread beat the one I was going to put out this afternoon, so I’ll just add my stuff to it :wink:

  • You get one SPECIAL point per level up until level 50 (total of 49 stat points atop the 7 you start with since all your SPECIAL stats begin at 1), so while they are finite (and there is no way currently in game to respec them) there are enough that you shouldn’t fret overmuch at every level one what to boost. For those that do like to fret, here’s a build planner that’s being updated on the regular as new perk cards are discovered in live (it’s already got a ton of stuff in it since the XB1 lads have been posting everything from their B.E.T.A.'s):

  • Starting at level 4 and every 2 levels until level 10 (and every 5 after that), you’ll get 4 perk cards for free in addition to the one/level you’re allowed to select. There is no level cap in FO76, and even though you’ll stop getting SPECIAL points at 50, you’ll continue to earn more perk cards (meaning you should eventually get them all), so focus on getting ones that will improve you here and now rather than something you want to try in 10 levels. The 4th card will appear with a gold back and be animated; this is purely cosmetic and not an indication that that particular perk card is otherwise rarer than others in terms of showing up in a perk card pack.

  • When you level, the first thing the game asks you to do is assign your SPECIAL point. After that, it will show you a list of perk cards from that attribute to pick from. You can pick a card from any attribute you want, regardless of what SPECIAL stat you choose to boost; make sure you check to see what’s available each level before making your decision. You can also go back form the perk card selection menu and reassign the SPECIAL point if there’s another card you want to take advantage of that level. Once you pick a perk card, your SPECIAL point is locked in and it cannot be changed.

  • Many perk cards can be combined into higher-powered versions of themselves (you simply get 2 level 1’s and make a level 2, then another to make level 3, etc.), but this increases the cost to equip the card. Be careful you don’t level up your favorite card without making sure you have the SPECIAL stat to slot it.

  • SPECIAL stats will cap out at 15, and it’s rumored that beyond 10 they don’t give any additional passive bonuses, so bear that in mind moving forward (not super-relevant now, obviously, but since I had a bunch of other build whatnot here, I thought it appropriate to drop it here). The reason you can keep pushing it beyond the passive bonus is so that you can slot more perk cards.

  • Always be in a party unless you’re trying to take advantage of the Lone Wanderer perk card. Fast travel to party members is free, so if someone finds something awesome, you can totally join them from across the map to check it out if you want. Also, there’s a perk card that give bonus XP when you’re in a group, not to mention sharing perk cards via Charisma (I don’t know exactly how this works, only that it’s a thing). There’re lots of reasons to not explore the wasteland on your own.

  • Speaking of bonuses, in addition to well fed and well watered/drank/whatever we’re calling it, you can get Well Tuned (a bonus 25% AP/stamina regen for 60 minutes if you play an instrument in the world for 30 seconds), and Well Rested (a bonus 5% XP gain for 60 minutes if you sleep in game for 30 seconds). Try to keep those up if you can.

  • Rads aren’t necessarily the worst thing ever. If you get up to ~50% Rads, you’ll develop a mutation (there are several) which generally comes with some good and some bad (i.e. Egg Head: +6 Int, -3 Str, -3 End), though there are some that are straight bonuses (i.e. Chameleon: grants invisibility, as long as you don’t have a weapon and don’t move). If you use Rad-away, you will very likely clear your mutation (there is a higher-level perk card confirmed to prevent this), so if you happen to get that many Rads, take a look before you just clear them out; it might be worth keeping for a bit. There are also perk cards that boost the effectiveness of your mutation when in a group.

    • TL;DR: mutations are neat.
  • My Stash is a chest that you can craft at your C.A.M.P. and one that can be found throughout the world; it’s basically an MMO storage chest that holds 400lbs and can be accessed from any My Stash you come across. Being overburdened causes you to lose AP when moving and prevents fast travel, so try to stay under weight. Your C.A.M.P. can also hold an additional 400lbs of stuff.

  • Salvage everything, and I do mean everything. Learning new weapon/armor mods is predominantly done through salvaging that weapon (i.e. 10mm pistols teach 10mm pistol mods). If it’s not the one you’re using, break it down. This will also help you keep your weight down. Anything can be salvaged at any workbench, so don’t wait for a Weapon Workbench to break down weapons; clear your inventory of junk and unneeded gear on the regular.

  • If you want to level quickly, follow the main quest line to the various quest hubs. There are lots of great rewards to be had (both XP and gear), so take advantage of it during these limited windows we have to play for now.

  • PVP is automatically disabled on any character until it hits level 5; don’t be scared of other players running around at the beginning of this. Additionally, if someone tried to initiate PVP with you after you’re both level 5, the damage you take prior to accepting (returning fire) is so trivial it’s almost laughable. If you want to be a carebear, it doesn’t look like that will be much of a problem.

  • Death isn’t too punishing in this iteration of Fallout. Should you die, you’ll lose some of your Caps (not many) and lots (maybe all, I don’t know for sure) of your junk/crafting items will drop on the ground. You’ll get a death marker so you know where you died, and you can respawn really close by, so retrieving your stuff is no big deal. You will not drop any of your armor/weapons from what I’ve seen/heard, so finishing off whatever killed you and securing your lost items is no big deal.

There’s more, but I’m hungry and I think this is plenty-sufficient to get folks rolling tonight. Feel free to share anything you come across as you’re playing that you wish you’d known ahead of time so that others might benefit from your knowledge :wink:


I need to figure out my build now.


It’s a bit tough to do since we don’t know all the cards in the game yet, and your build will probably be heavily influenced on what cards/gear you get while leveling in the early stages. Probably best to just let it happen semi-organically and to have a rough idea of where you might want to get by your end state; I wouldn’t freak overmuch about the upcoming 4 hours of progression being critical to your end game build aspirations.


I need someone to hold my hand as I venture into the wasteland. Never really played Fallout before… only put a couple hours into Fallout 4.


Same here. I have no idea what I’m doing.


I stuck close to @Auth for a bit, but after he found me slowing him down, he left me alone in the wasteland. I was so scared and nearly starved to death.


It’s brutal out there. Betas are every man for themselves. Gotta get that edge!


Mostly every man for themselves when I only get to play one of them. Also, totally died right before server shutdown and lost so much stuff since I’m obviously incapable of retrieving it. I’m quite annoyed.


This is true, but mostly about fine tuning your build. Micro-Building as it were.
But you can still plan out your Macro-Build.

For example.
INT increases the base durability of all crafted items. It also will house perks related to crafting/repair and hacking.

STR increases your carry weight and has perks which influence melee attacks.

Each SPECIAL has a base theme, and when you know how you want to play you can begin to plan your build. So if you want to be a crafter you will want some point in INT. Though you won’t find out exactly which perks you will want until you start unlocking some cards.