Fallout 76 SPECIAL build discussion



With the release of Fallout 76 coming in a couple of days I thought I would start a thread for discussion of character builds. Unfortunately I am unable to bring over the previous builds listed by @Auth and @Wayward in the other thread.

My plan is to build a 76 character similar to how I played Fallout 4; I chose very high Charisma and Intelligence with very few actual combat perks. However, in 4 I did have Charisma perks that boosted my companions so it will be interesting to see how weak I actually am when playing solo.

My intent is to primarily be a gatherer and crafter. I want to spend most of my time collecting as much junk as possible and then building a wide variety of guns, armor and eventually power armor. If I need to get into a fight hopefully I will have the defense to hold out or else go in with a party.

Fallout 76 Build with 7/3/3/15/15/3/10

Strength 7
This is mainly for pure carry weight and perks such as Pack Rat and Strong Back rather than melee damage.

Perception 3
My preferred weapons are automatics and shotguns so I don’t feel a need for high perception.

Endurance 3
There aren’t many END perks that interest me. I might drop a few points in LUCK just for the extra HP.

Charisma 15
The whole point of the build. When solo I would choose perks such as Lone Wanderer, Animal Friend and Wasteland Whisperer. When grouped I would use Bodyguards, Inspirational, Team Medic, and other useful perks.

Intelligence 15
The other point to the build. I want to craft everything. If enemies become difficult at higher levels then I would hopefully compensate by using power armor in combat.

Agility 3
Again, not a combat character so I don’t see a need for high AP.

Luck 10
This is the stat I am questioning most. 10 Luck seems very high for someone who doesn’t care about criticals. My primary reason for this is for the bonus items when searching containers (Can Do!, Cap Collector, Scrounger) and also Junk Shield since I might be carrying so much junk. I am open to lowering this stat.

I welcome any comments and opinions.

Into the Wasteland - You're SPECIAL

@Auth and i were talking through some builds last night. Ultimately I think you have to be ok with switching.

What that means for me is having a primary solo build with the option to play into more of a team build if needed without needing changes to SPECIAL allocation.

Yup. Exactly where my head is at, too.

We were talking about this card last night. It seems like a must-have especially with many PvE mobs being melee.


This seems like the best option for me. I have been skimming the Bethesda forums and I see people who want to max perception and agility for that super sniper build. I need that guy on my team.

After more consideration I think I am going to lower my Luck to 4. I feel bad committing that many points just for gathering junk when I can simply swap out the perk when I’m full of one junk type and want more of another. I will likely put those 6 points into Endurance, raising it to 9.

I guess now I am a decent melee character too.


I’m usually a min/max enthusiast for MMORPG life. It will likely still be the way to go for pvp because usually a min/max thing is just harder for game balance. Overall though, I think gameplay will be more enjoyable with a little more range to a character.


Right then, my hype knows no bounds and I will be doing nothing tomorrow but wishing I could play sooner since it’s my day off. My theorycrafting brain is in high gear, so if anyone wants any advice/suggestions/feedback on or for any particular set of S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats, drop them in here and I’d be happy to oblige. Consider what weapon(s) intrigue you, whether or not you like the real-time VATS, and goals you might have (i.e. heavy emphasis on crafting, power armor exclusively once available, etc.).

With the announcement today that there will be some sort of S.P.E.C.I.A.L. respecing system after launch, it’s not necessarily as critical as it was prior to that knowledge, but I also don’t feel like going in all willy-nilly is beneficial as you might be stuck with sub-optimal stats for some length of time ahead of the respec system’s implementation.


@Auth here we go with version 7.3 of my build:

Still using this stat for either pure carry weight or reducing weight. Pack Rat, Scattershot, Traveling Pharmacy, Bear Arms, Sturdy Frame, all situational depending on solo/group and what weapons I am currently using.

I want to be close-to-mid range combat. Perks used Ground Pounder, Skeet Shooter, Commando, Awareness, Fortune Finder, Green Thumb

I’ll likely focus on perks that reduce hunger and thirst. Maybe I’ll get my defense from armor.

CHA 15
I want to be everyone’s friend.

INT 15
I want to be the smart guy.

Who needs VATS. The only perks I’m interested in are Ammosmith, Home Defense, and Thru-hiker.

No VATS means no crits.

I am going to rebuild the Responders. I want to fix people and things. I want to burn my teammates and watch them heal. I really hope that perk works.


It only works with the Flamer weapon, and from what I’ve heard it’s lackluster at best.

More thoughts once I get home from work.


Are you sure it doesn’t work with the plasma thrower also?


With the flamer mod it might work, but I don’t know for sure.

What do you think about something like this?

Fallout 76 Build with 9/5/5/15/15/3/4

This build would be a heavy weapons power armor user (probably minigun main, making it effective at close to mid range) that can also lay waste to groups with the automatic grenade launcher (bonus explosive radius and damage) and has a fair bit of support for his team while maintaining some personal survivability and QoL perks. You can swap things around as needed while crafting and such; this would be your rumble loadout.


I’m not really a fan of heavy weapons overall. I don’t think I want to be toting around a minigun. And the more I consider it, I think I would prefer to stay away from power armor this time.

So I came up with something different. Stats are all over the place but I think it might be fun. Here is an example of solo play:

I’m going to stay drunk and throw Molotovs like I’m Donkey Kong throwing barrels. I’ll use Bloodsucker and Cannibal to restore health so I don’t have to use Stimpaks.

Group build is all about reducing my personal weight. I like automatic weapons so I need lots of ammo. Quack Surgeon is a good perk since I can now use my booze to revive the team. Ironclad, Bodyguards and Junk Shield all provide lots of defense since I won’t be wearing power armor.

It certainly looks like a unique character concept. Not sure how effective it will really be but I’m willing to give it a try.