Fallout 76 what do


Are we playing it? Multiplayer? Clan of awesome?


Brotherhood of Strategists, because we’re BoS.

Also yes, @Wayward is going in, and I’ve decided as of ~2 hours ago that I am too.


Do I do this?

EDIT: Nvm. PC isn’t until next week. I’ll have my Rift by then.


Game drops in November; you’ll need something else to play besides your RIFT by then :wink:


True. But by then there will be lots of info out there to help me decide. No poin in pre-ordering if I’m not playing the beta.


Yeah; I watched about 3 hours of gameplay today before deciding I was going in.


Yes! Let’s go!!!


Set up the Bethesda launcher…



Sign this Canadian up, boss!


Easily the worst part of this purchase; can we just put things on Steam, please?


Yeah, it’s on the Besthesda Launcher so they can charge you for mods


Considering how they’re doing mods and private servers I’m not surprised in the least, only annoyed.



I’m in


Can we do anything to prepare for the Brotherhood, @Auth?


Preorder before Tuesday (the assumed first B.E.T.A. window for PC/PS4), catch a stream if you like Saturday evening to see what the game is all about (that’sthe next XB1 window), stay tuned for a short write-up on some basics you might want to know before leaving Vault 76 by yours truly ahead of Tuesday.


Do we know if there is actual clan functionality in-game?


I believe the answer is “no” (90% confidence).


I have followed this game CLOSELY since it’s announcement. If their were clan functionality, they would have spoken about it before now. It also doesn’t seem to fit the vibe they are trying for with this game.

Additionally there has been one 4hr beta window for anyone on Xbone, and 3 hour window about a month ago for youtube/twitch content creators. If it was in there, even if bethesda didn’t announce it, someone would have found it.

Will there be clan functionality in-game?
Not at launch (100% confidence)