Fallout 76 what do


Some things Bethesda just posted about regarding B.E.T.A. feedback:

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/9v0886/beta_thankyou_and_addressing_your_feedback/


Yeah, it’s very immersive to hear another survivor in the wasteland telling his mom that he “doesn’t wanna go to bed right now because he’s playing games with his friends!”

In fact, I can’t think of anything more authentically post apocalyptic.


Reminds me of those playthroughs during E3 where they have a 4 person team on headphones like “oh let’s listen in on their chat!”

“We’ve got an elite here, Maria can you take it?”

“Sure thing Dan, let’s engage!”

“I’ve got my pulse rifle, let’s do this!”

“We got him!”

“Wow guys, that was a really great experience.”


I’m so glad that nearly every multiplayer demonstration includes such wonderfully scripted chatter so I can better visualize what playing the game with my friends will be like; my poor little monkey brain couldn’t possibly render such intense visualizations without some assistance.


I really wish there was some type of clan support.


It’s almost like they’ve never played a multiplayer game with the general public before.


Nothing better than the OG presentation for The Division. It even included the drone from the app with voice comms!


I’m being inspired to take one of those demonstrations and dub over it with things people might actually say.


Rainbow 6 Siege is another good one, IIRC, as is Anthem.


I am struggling hard with this game. Very undecided. I’m having trouble predicting what an endgame will be.

I want to play a Charisma, Intellect, Luck character. Best idea ever?


Worth it if you’ll be grouping, otherwise I don’t know that the Charisma will do you a whole lot of good, honestly. Intelligence and Luck (esp.) are both worthwhile. I think both @Wayward and I are working on characters similar to what you’re going for, and after doing a bit of research I already know what I’ll be doing for my second character (I’ll need some significantly-different S.P.E.C.I.A.L. numbers to pull it off than what I’m currently on track to do).


I will name my character Red Shirt. He’s the Fifth Man of the party. The absolute worst at combat but you have to bring him along because he is invaluable to the group dynamic.

Does that mean I have to get my Luck to 0?


High Intelligence means you can do bonus damage with explosives and get some Power Armor buffs; you’ll hardly be useless, I expect :wink:


You would be really good in a group setting, at crafting, and at looting.

Keep in mind that this is a survival game not an MMORPG.
That being said, what we know now is that that Nukes will be the end game.

Certain enemies drop Nuclear Codes. I believe you need 4 or 5 codes for the same silo, Meaning if you have 2 “Charlie” codes 1 “Alpha” code and 1 “Bravo” code, it’s a no go. But once you get the correct number for the same silo, you can launch at certain spots on the map.

This newly irradiated zone then becomes what Bethesda has referred to as “End Game Zones”.

These zones will spawn more difficult and powerful enemies of rare variety (something like Elite mobs in other games I would guess.) which will drop the rarest and most valuable equipment and weapons that the game has to offer. But some type of protection, such as Power Armor will be needed to traverse these areas without dying to the radiation of the zone in mere minutes. Not to mention the powerful enemies which will likely require a group to take down (my assumption).

What we don’t know for sure yet is the legitimacy of the data mined information showing that there are missions taking you inside the other vaults scattered throughout Appalachia which read something like small group content, such as “Dungeons”.




Wait so let’s talk SPECIAL. What stats are you guys actually thinking? I heard a lot of concepts but what are the builds?


Well, this is my build ATM.
At least as closely as I can remember because I can’t look seeing as how the game isn’t out yet :frowning:
//Edit: included this Link because the picture is hard to read.

Check out the build editor for yourself :smiley:


I’ve no idea what my current build is, but this is what I’m going for, I think (some perks will be swapped around to make room for hacking/lockpicking/crafting as needed, but I think it’s pretty representative of my ideal end-state while running around on this character):

I used a different editor than @Wayward that I prefer given the inclusion of mutations and such.


Bethesda is charging a full 60 bucks for their survival game. Other games in the survival genre, such as Conan Exiles and ARK, are about $40. I feel like I should expect more out of Fallout 76. Especially when most of the game assets are just reused from Fallout 4.


You should expect more. And more is given. There is clearly more content here than any other survival game.

The point is that for a survival game, the endgame is survival.