Fallout 76 what do


I’m surprised to see so many points in Charisma on both your builds.


Perk Card sharing is unbelievably-powerful if you’re in a group; I imagine everyone who builds to play in a group will go at least 9 points deep in Charisma so they can share 3-point cards.

Here’s a great example of how broken Perk Card sharing can be: there are 3 different 3-point-max perk cards for almost all weapon options (punching only has a single card) that each add 30% damage at max level; a group of 3 players each using the same weapon type (shotguns for example, has Shotgunner, Expert Shotgunner, and Master Shotgunner, which are functionally identical but can all be slotted by a single character for +30% shotgun damage/each) could slot a different shotgun card then share it with their group (provided they have 9 Charisma), and everyone now has +90% damage to shotguns but only a single 3-point card taking up space in their Strength category, freeing them up to run other things or have a lower Strength in favor of other stats.


As someone who plans to craft a lot, I’ll probably be sharing something like Gunsmith (50% slower break rate on guns, which will cost 15 Charisma to be able to share at max level) so that other members of my party who aren’t crafting-focused can get a buff that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to without a 5 perk card investment and minimum 5 points in Intelligence (which has a lot of solid Power Armor perk cards I imagine people will be more concerned with if they’ve got points in there).


A final SPECIAL score similar to @Auth’s is what I would want in this game as well. Call me The Tony Stark of the Wasteland. I had comparable stats on my Fallout 4 character; very high Charisma and Intelligence (11 and 9 I believe).

I’m slowly warming up to this game. Guess I have a long weekend to keep flipping the coin.


It seems @Auth and I have a similar gaming mindset. Once I looked over the perks this was the first plan that I derived as well.

I would take Intelligence for the crafting and Charisma for the force-multiplying. I would provide others with awesome gear and sacrifice my personal buffs in order to amplify the party’s buffs when I actually do have a group. Charisma perks like Suppressor and Tenderizer (reduce/increase target’s damage dealt/received) are things I love in games.



We have an incredible list of updates we’ve begun work on – from C.A.M.P. building improvements, new quests and events, new Vaults opening, character respecing, a faction-based PvP system, and much more.

What’s this now?!


Right? Also, the character respecing is hype as fuck; I’m far less terrified of being locked into one set of S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats forever (though I will be optimizing as best I can in case it doesn’t show up for a month or two). Additionally: PVP factions; guess we need to put a poll up at some point to see if we want to collectively side with one of them the Brotherhood of Steel.


I expect some type of Hillbilly faction to replace the Minutemen.

I’ve seen several suggestions that you could receive 1 SPECIAL respec point per level at 51 and beyond (remove 1 from one stat and replace in another). I feel like that is not a bad idea at all really.


I think that’d be fucking great if we were able to bank them up so we can do a respec as needed rather than one point at a time where we might get caught with some awkward stats for a bit. I’d also accept a full respec every X levels, where X is 10-20 (maybe level 60 and every 20 levels thereafter, also bankable).