Fallout 76 Youtube event videos released


This game is getting a lot of hate but I think it looks super fun and am excited to play on PC. Anyone else plan on getting this?


I know @Wayward is on the hype train, as are a few others who’ve talked about it on Discord, but I can’t remember who offhand.


I’ve got it preordered for PC. We’ll see how I feel after the BETA if I’ll keep the preorder.


Yeah, I’m super excite for this.
We’ve needed a real game developer to take a shot at a survival game for a long time. Lots of survival games that were good, but just missing that something.

I think fallout is the perfect opportunity to get it right.


A lot of people are hating on it but that’s what people do now. I think it looks awesome and I like what they have done with it.



Clicked the link. Original post has been removed.

Consider me one of those haters. It seems hard to transition the single-player Fallout mechanics to a multiplayer game. The VATS system in Fallout 76 does not look good to me.


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In my opinion.
It’s okay if Fallout fans don’t like it.

It’s okay to generate a new following for a new type of game.

There are a ton of people who have enjoyed survival games for years. But one over-arching flaw in the entire survival genre is that they just seem kind of hollow.
From the look of the gameplay, they have found a remedy to that. Maybe not a cure, prolonged game-time will be the only way to see, but they definitely have a lot more meat in their game than Dayz, H1Z1, or any other big survival title has.

If fallout fans don’t like it, which I’m pretty sure will not be the case, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be people who do like. And perhaps even stick around for the next fallout.


Super mutants are in Fallout 76. I have seen players fighting them in some of the videos. Unoriginality confirmed.