Fallout Anthology....oh my god!



So yeah…I don’t know if I’m late but I say this at Gamestop for 50$. Thought it was a really good deal and I even thought further and told myself that this would be a nice thing to use in order to store Fallout 4 as well.


And on Amazon



I think the only other deal I’ve seen that was like this was for the Elder Scrolls games.


I wonder if the original games have received any compatibility updates. They run a bit shitty on modern PCs and don’t support larger resolutions without hacks.


Wow the price really dropped on that


That’s a good question. I probably will play them at some point and will be glad to let you know :slight_smile:


I own them all on Steam already and there are some capability issues. Even with fixes I’m not sure it’s worth the buy for me.


Yeah I never got into the old Fallout games. I started with 3 and i’m good from there


Yeah I own them all already and was sad about that when I saw this for sale xD It is neat looking but as I already own them… not worth it for me :frowning:


This case looks amazing! I really want this.


I paid an extra $10 to get it launch day…lol


You paid extra to get old games on relaunch day?


I’d love a ps4 release of 3 and new Vegas. I bought 1 and 2 on gog.con and they worked well on windows 8. Haven’t tried them on 10 though.