Fann's Introduction


Hello all,
My IGN is Fann, I am from Vancouver, BC. Canada. (PST time zone). I just started playing Albion Online about a week ago. Played lots of MMO before like UO, EQ, EVE, DAoC, Guild War 1 and 2 and many others.
I am fairly new to Albion Online, doing mostly gathering and PvE for now but enjoy PvP in other games. I am using t5.3 armor and weapon now. I just applied online to the guild but not sure which one will fits me better… PvE or PvP? Anyways, looking forward to join either one, please send me an invite in game. Thanks!!


Welcome my Canadian friend. Do you know @Mohomohommad?


Of course. All us Canadians know each other.


Welcome to the community!!


Welcome to strats


Thanks all,

I submitted the Albion Online Strats guild application form, so do I just need to wait to get invited to the guild or do I need to do something else first?
Thanks for the help!


Need to find @Mohomohommad, knock him in a snow drift, and just start wailing on him.


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