Far Cry 4 Amazon Sale $29.99


Amazon has a sale on Far Cry 4, $29.99 for a physical copy. I’ve wanted to play this since November, heard great things. My question is: because of it’s popularity, do you think this will be the best price for the next 6 or so months or do you think it will dip down cheaper by Summer? Is it even worth it right now with the hawt steamy March releases around the corner?


Probably going to be the cheapest for a while. The game is really fun and open world. I would buy it at that price.


I agree about the price. That price drop seems pretty consistent over the past year or two for games once they reach the 4-6 month mark.


Yeah i’ve noticed the price drop trend happens pretty fast now @teh_ninjaneer . It really makes you think, should games even be $60 anymore if they are going to be $40 within a few months, possibly cheaper with flash sales.


Based on the number of people who still go out and buy full retail when the game drops, it’s absolutely smart business to sell at that price point, even if it’s only for a short while.

Computer hardware is the same way: it’s outdated super-fast, but people will still drop $500+ for that new GFX card at release :wink:


I pay full price for my sound cards.


This is very true.


Game is really fun and good for at least 25 hours of enjoyment. $1/hr isn’t so bad for a game if that’s how you look at it.

Same logic was why I never blinked about buying DLC for the BLOPS games or Destiny after pouring in 2-300 hrs in multiplayer.