Farm Simulator dedicated server



Hey guys. Myself and @JRWarlord have been playing Farm Simulator 2015 on PC for a few weeks and are totally hooked. This isn’t your typical Farmville Facebook app, it is incredibly advanced and has hundreds of things to occupy your time. We play on a heavily modified map that has added factories and many real life production facilities including Borden dairy, Sam Adams brewery, Cullingan water, Popcorn Suttons whisky still, Pepsi, Kellogs, Grey Goose vodka and that’s just a few.
If you want to check it out you can download the demo from

My server is up 24/7 so if you are interested please post and I’ll get you hooked up.
I will be streaming our game play starting the new map tomorrow and I will be streaming every time I play the map to maybe get some more people to join us here in strats.
Please ask any questions about the game and myself or @JRWarlord will do our best to answer them.

Looking for someone/guild to play anything with

This will be awesome. I’ve wanted a server where we could all farm together


the servers name is Drouls PV15 and there is a TON of mods you need to d/l to play…BUT i am a thinker and put them all into my dropbox and you can find them here:

you can choose to d/l them in a .zip file so you arent picking away 1 file at a time. Jump on mumble and chat with us or if you have any problems!


Cant download them into a zip file. It says the file is too large.


After playing on the server with horrible lag for the last day they are relocating the server for me to another faster one. It will be offline for the next few hours and will have a new IP when it does come back up. I will post the new info when they get it set up! also @Vocino would it be ok to name the server Strats Farm PV15? id like to try and recruit some new members for us and just want to make sure its ok if i use the name.


The server is back up and online…am waiting for tomorrow to come so i can talk to billing about getting another GB or 2 of storage space for mods…currently we are running at 3/4 speed as the server wont hold all the mods we have installed…lol.
We also updated the server and our games to the 1.3 beta of Farm Sim 2015 as it fixes some bugs and provides better overall gameplay. For now the server is named Droul Acres but will be changed after the new storage space is installed and they update some things.