Farming 101

Hello Strats Community,

I was pointed here by your fearless leader @Dynamible when he was giving out the oracle checkpoint. I happened to mention my little trick to getting relic iron, and quick. If you know about the spin metal loading screen farming, then this is the same idea, if you don’t then it’s pretty straight forward (read below).

I managed to scrape together 100-120 mats in about 20 - 30 minutes here yesterday. I’m not sure if having the relic material around here would’ve helped, all I know is that one chest in this room is all I needed to quickly collect all the materials I needed and more. I know my driving is sub-par but this timebreaker is a boat, it’s much easier to whip those corners with Xur’s sparrow upgrade. The video is put together quick and I don’t think it leaves much room for editing, but I can always put together some more video if need be, if @Vocino is listening I know you’re the man for the job.

I have a certain area or two, for Venus and Moon and will be uploading those sometime soon.

Say good-bye to the long tireless days of farming for relic iron.

For anyone new to this glitch, it’s fairly easy to set up. You need a chest in the room I go into and make sure there is no other players loaded into that area, if you open the chest while someone else is around it will more than likely not work. Usually if the chest is in the right area, and there is someone around I will go up to the loading screen area, come back and they will be gone and the chest will still be there.


Great post! You know how to use the site better then me now. Lol

It’s not just me!

BTW, talk about hardcore: posting a full-on guide before an intro :wink:


Haha damn, can I save the introduction for later?

And I wouldn’t go as far as to say that Dynamible, WordPress makes life easy :wink:

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Yeah man, just giving you hell is all :wink:

Glad to see you took the pointers😊 it makes posting so easy.

Haha I try. I also failed with that checkpoint, I never completed VoG on normal on my Titan. So I lost the checkpoint, any chance when you get back on I could snag it again?

Yeah. I’m at my grandpa’s now. When I get back I’ll give it to you.


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Sorry for the late reply on some of these, haven’t had much time to myself and when it was spent on video games I’ve been playing GTA/FC4. If anyone didn’t know how to do this previously, I did Earth just to have in the thread, it is a little long because I was trying to set up the material and chests but you’ll get the idea. Venus is in this post too. I tried to record the Moon run last night but apparently Helium was a hot commodity so I’ll try to get that one tonight if possible.


For the most part of this video I’m trying to set up the material and chest how I need it. In this area it can be done a few ways, I just happened to get the chest in the little hut. One spawns up on the roof of that hut and inside the room I keep going into. I destroy a Reaver Captain at 1:17 thanks to my trusty Gjallarhorn. The actual farming starts at about 9:40 when I find the chest in the room. Sometimes you can do 2 material and 2 chests if you get it in the right area. Which is an insane amount of Spinmetal as long as you’re quick. Remember always make sure there is no one in the area before starting the run or it won’t work! Apparently there is a way to change your NAT settings that no one ends up in your game world, if anyone is good with networking maybe they could help out with that.

This is my usual farming spot anyways and if you’re not farming here for Spinmetal you’re crazy. The video shows a pretty good idea of the lap. Some of the areas I check out never spawned a chest but there’s lots of areas in here that do. If you don’t know how to set the stuff up where you need it give a little watch to the beginning of the video.


This one is short and sweet. There is no farming route to set up chests and material on this. I think a lot of people farm here anyways right? Go into the caves open chests, grab the blooms, rinse and repeat. It’s nice to get a material near this chest that I set up, but if you can’t this one will do. There are different variations of chests/material you can set up in this area and load into different zone. I just find this one the quickest and most efficient for farming spirit blooms. Again, you’ll see me checking the players list a lot, in this one I even go as far as to not make sure anyone gets this chest, greedy bastard. Plus, you get to play Fallen bowling, which can be seen at 2:40. Enjoy!

Moon will be here tonight/tomorrow hopefully!


Great write up man! I really appreciate the work you put in. I know every one need materials after the iron banner, so I know the moon will be a big hit.

Great stuff man!