Farming Mutations in Fallout 76



How do you actually get mutated?

After some discussion in Discord, I really wanted to know for sure. You have a 5% chance per 5 radiated HP to be mutated. That means the best way to farm them is to radiate all your HPs away as fast as possible, heal and repeat.

Emmett Mountain Disposal Site

The guides I looked up to do this recommend you go to Old Mold Quarry. That’s a great spot which has a ton of radiation but I think I found a better one: Emmett Mountain Disposal Site in Savage Divide.

Why? One reason: There’s a decontamination chamber!

In addition to hundreds of barrels of nuclear waste, there’s also a chamber that will allow you to remove rads. This makes the spot easily repeatable and much more farmable than dying over and over or using up RadAway.

The Mutation Farm Process

What you’re going to do is simple. Stand on rads until you almost die or you get a mutation, whichever comes first.

  1. Enter the Emmett Mountain Disposal Site
  2. Clear any mobs
  3. Stand on radioactive barrels
    • Get mutation
    • Almost die
  4. Clean yourself in the decontamination chamber
    • Leave
    • Repeat step 3

Note that if you get a mutation you don’t like, after you cure it you’ll need to switch instances. I haven’t tested this thoroughly but on initial observation it seems like you can only get one mutation per session.

Short Video for Your Viewing Pleasure


Hey folks, I’m @Auth and welcome to @Auth’s AUTHsome tips for Fallout 76. As many of you know, I’m loving Fallout 76 right now. Honestly, it’s my go-to game right now. Now, I know a lot of people have been wondering about mutations, and while I’m not what you might call a “certified expert” or “even a little bit knowledgeable,” I have anecdotally obtained 8 mutations to date, so I thought I’d share some advice for everyone scrounging around the wasteland trying to grow an extra appendage, gain some bonus ups, or just get really smart. I’ve designed a simple but effective method that works quite well for acquiring those juicy mutations we all want more of, so I thought I’d put a quick post together about it. My simple-but-effective 3-step guide is as follows:

  1. Play Fallout 76
  2. Take radiation damage
  3. Never use Rad-Away

If anyone has any questions feel free to hit me up. Be sure to drop a comment with your thoughts, subscribe (don’t forget to ring the bell), and smash that like button; last post we got 1 like on, but I think we can easily top that, so I’m setting a goal of 5 likes. If we hit the goal, I’ll be sure to post more frequently. Anyways, I’ve been @Auth and this has been @Auth’s AUTHsome tips for Fallout 76; see you in the wasteland, wanderers :wink:


Well then…


I am currently carrying about 40 Rad-Aways and 30 diluted. I never go above 300 Rads.


I have also never gone above 300 Rads.