Fatal Frame 5 Physical Release


For those that don’t know, Fatal Frame 5 was recently released in the U.S. after Nintendo received a lot of requests for it when the game was to be released in Japan only. The only problem is that it’s a digital only release. If this were a PC title, modern day gamers would excuse Nintendo. But given the fact that the WiiU comes in 8GB models and the game takes up twice that amount of space, it seems a bit absurd. (Yes, I know you can use an external HDD, but it seems ridiculous to have someone pay the cost of the game and an external drive just to play it.) There are also a number of collectors and others that simply prefer having a physical copy to a digital one. The recent influx of companies releasing physical copies of indie games is a sign that the market isn’t 100% ready to give up physical releases.

So here’s the deal. There’s a Change.org petition that is trying to petition for a physical release of the game in NA. I know that I personally have the word “futility” come to mind whenever I see one of these, however given the recent track record (Nintendo announces it’s JPN only, fans complain & flood customer support phones, they release in NA. Nintendo announces no New 3DS in NA. Fans complain. They release it.) it may just work in this instance. The petition needs about 300 more people, so I’m hoping to get some Strats members that may not have signed it yet to head over and do so.

TL:DR; Fans of the Fatal Frame series got the shaft when Nintendo decided to release the latest game in digital only. Here’s a petition to try to get a physical copy.