Favorite Movie of 2014?

2014 seemed to fly by and new years is just around the corner, what was your guys favorite movie this year?

My favorite movie hands down had to be Interstellar. Impressive visuals and an incredible score by Hans Zimmer made it worth it to see in IMAX. I think I could watch that movie over and over again. :smiley:

I didn’t go to the movies nearly enough this year but I think for me it’s Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. That movie really set the bar for visual effects in my opinion. From the facial expressions to the scenery it never felt unrealistic. I liked it so much I read the book that bridges the two movies together, something I rarely do because some movie-books are just bad.

I do wish I had seen Intestellar though. I was so hyped for it but got too busy to see it… It had everything I could ever want.

I’m ashamed to say I still haven’t seen Interstellar. What am I doing?

I thought Gone Girl was solid. Also The LEGO Movie.

I honestly cannot recall if @Auth and I saw any movies in the theater this year. Yep, I just looked through a list of the 2014 releases and I did not see one single new movie this year. Someone needs to tell @Auth he needs to take me on more dates :wink:


I demand that you take that girl on more dates!


Let the record show we have been on several dates, just not movie dates :wink:


How can we believe you when you have produced no such record for us to see?
My vote goes to Grand Budapest Hotel

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I don’t know when it came out, but Odd Thomas was my favorite movie I saw this year.


I’ll second Grand Budapest Hotel.

Guardians of the Galaxy, was a lot of fun, but for controversy, The Interview, saw it last night really stupid, but really funny; suck a bag of D$@&s North Korea.


Forgot about that. Yeah I enjoyed it.

Yes The Interview was awesome, watched it last night at work.

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The interview /thread

Worst movie of 2014?

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Loved the interview. Was funny and stupid and we haven’t had anything like it in a long time. Movies like guardian etc come out 5 times a year now so nothing innovating about them. Give a monkey a budget that big you ll get a superhero movie. As for interstellar I haven’t seen it.

[quote=“Majordomo, post:15, topic:4160, full:true”]
Give a monkey a budget that big you ll get a superhero movie.[/quote]

Man of Steel

You might get a superhero movie, but it won’t be on the level of Guardians of the Galaxy.