Favourite Christmas Movie Megathread


As I sit here watching my favourite Christmas movie, it occurred to me that this could make an interesting thread should people look to share the movie (or TV show) they routinely watch every holiday season.

So let me kick it off with three of my own favourites:

Love Actually

This might be a cheesy pick, yet every holiday season my wife & I sit down to watch this movie together. Plus it’s got Alan Rickman & Bill Nighy - how can it go wrong?

Die Hard

The last place you want to celebrate Christmas is the Nakatomi Plaza, especially if Hans Gruber is in town. But if you’re in need of some solid action for the holiday season, look no further. Plus… MORE Alan Rickman!

Christmas Vacation

This is my favourite. Whether it was my first trip to Europe, or down to Las Vegas, I’ve always imagined what it would be like to run into the Griswald family. Now imagine what it would be like if you lived next door during Christmas!

So, do any of these three make your list? Or something else that happens to be must-see?


Home Alone?


The Grimlins


When I saw this thread title, I thought I would be clever by listing Die Hard. Then I was going to add Christmas Vacation.

Foiled again.


And to think, I was originally only going to list Love Actually. Many apologies for cheating.

Was that meant as a question? It’s definitely on my wife’s list.


All of the movies mentioned, of course. There is one missing from the list!..



I love Home Alone. I even watched it this year.


Yeah, I agree. Still a classic. Die Hard and Christmas Vacation are still my 1 and 2 though. But i’ll throw in ELF. That movie still makes me laugh too.


I’m not sure I have a favorite, Rachel starts watching Christmas movies in September so I get kind of tired of them all… But it’s possible Christmas Story is it


Planes, Trains and Automobiles is unfortunately a Thanksgiving movie.


I feel like we should drop A Christmas Story in here, given the age bracket a fair few of us fall into:

Other notable Christmas movies not yet mentioned that I enjoy:

#Edward Scissorhands

#Bad Santa

(the new one better not suck)

#Batman Returns


Deep down in your heart you know it will suck. It just looks bad. Shame, the Original bad santa was so good.


Cant have a best of list without Sandler :slight_smile: Eight Crazy Nights


That’s not Christmas!


Just realizing that it’s less than a week until Christmas and I haven’t watched a single Christmas movie this year.


This must be remedied stat!


no Christmas without:




The Nightmare Before Christmas


I haven’t either :o
I wonder what I should watch… maybe Nightmare before Christmas? (And yes I’m aware it was intended as a Halloween movie but I just don’t see why it can’t work overtime and be available for both holidays)