February's free PSN games are pretty nice


Especially Transistor. I recommend it. It’s a beautiful game.

Check it: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2015/01/29/playstation-plus-februarys-free-games/


I was going to write something about this when I get home. If you take anything from this, Transistor and Rogue Legacy are two great games with a lot of value. Especially Rogue Legacy.


I’m excited for this months PS+ offerings. It’s funny because a lot of Redditors are drooling over this months line up, yet every single other PS+ month (except for the past 2) has been getting blasted by negative comments regarding all the indy titles and no AAA titles, etc.


Games shouldn’t be judged in indie vs. AAA buckets but instead in good vs. bad gameplay.


Oh I completely agree. Some of my favorite games are indie titles, but I always see those complaints on Reddit (until this month apparently)


reddit hates everything.


That’s true as well, lol.


This is a great selection. If you never played Transistor I recommended it highly. It was one of the best games I played last year. I’m looking forward to finally giving Rogue Legacy a shot


I never thought I’d be into indie games as much as I have been, but I feel like I’ve enjoyed them MORE than the AAA titles.


Oh my gosh I was almost going to buy transistor with the 10% coupon, but quickly realized how foolish that would be! Same goes for rogue legacy: I wanted to purchase it again, but after getting “burned” buying towerfall early, I thought against it. I am so excited for both of these titles at least!