February's free PSN games are pretty nice

Especially Transistor. I recommend it. It’s a beautiful game.

Check it: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2015/01/29/playstation-plus-februarys-free-games/


I was going to write something about this when I get home. If you take anything from this, Transistor and Rogue Legacy are two great games with a lot of value. Especially Rogue Legacy.

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I’m excited for this months PS+ offerings. It’s funny because a lot of Redditors are drooling over this months line up, yet every single other PS+ month (except for the past 2) has been getting blasted by negative comments regarding all the indy titles and no AAA titles, etc.

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Games shouldn’t be judged in indie vs. AAA buckets but instead in good vs. bad gameplay.

Oh I completely agree. Some of my favorite games are indie titles, but I always see those complaints on Reddit (until this month apparently)

reddit hates everything.

That’s true as well, lol.

This is a great selection. If you never played Transistor I recommended it highly. It was one of the best games I played last year. I’m looking forward to finally giving Rogue Legacy a shot

I never thought I’d be into indie games as much as I have been, but I feel like I’ve enjoyed them MORE than the AAA titles.

Oh my gosh I was almost going to buy transistor with the 10% coupon, but quickly realized how foolish that would be! Same goes for rogue legacy: I wanted to purchase it again, but after getting “burned” buying towerfall early, I thought against it. I am so excited for both of these titles at least!

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