Feedback on new branding for my personal channel

Hey friends, I’ve been messing with some new branding for my YouTube channel. Looking for feedback. I also put it up on Twitter. It’s based on a very simple “V” logo that I created for myself. I do need to clean it up a bit as the edges are pixated. I’m going to make a master file with nice masks where I can easily change out the games regularly with smart objects.

Here’s what a thumbnail will look like:

Here’s the offline image for Twitch:



Looks nice although what’s going on with the 2nd pic? I see half the V an it covers your ammo count, etc.

Not sure I like that layout for gameplay.

It’s a thumbnail. Having a common element on thumbnails in youtube establishes the brand. e.g. PlayStation

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So that half V won’t be overlayed on your live streams, but just on thumbnails?

That’s correct.

Gotcha. Thumbnails it looks fine, was just thinking if it was overlayed on top of your stream, that’d be a bit off putting for me.


Here is the logo all this is based on. I have this set to the branding on YouTube that displays at the end of videos. Still need to make an intro.

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Looks good overall. Be awesome if you can make an intro as well.

Eye catching, very clean and the blues in the V pop nicely. You have a nice, diverse selection of game genres showing your channel isn’t just for one specific type. To me, each thumbnail fits well except for Resogun. It is the only non humanoid picture on the list and it’s hard to tell exactly what it’s from from afar, just glowing orange blotches Did you have any other pictures that didn’t make the cut onto this?

Thanks for the feedback @Nubhugs. For this round, which was more of a proof of concept, I just sort of googled whatever game popped into my head that I play or I’m interested in playing. Now that you mention it, I definitely see what you mean by the non-humanoid thing. I’m going to revisit the selection of games represented after I make a final template (where they can be changed easily).

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It’s also worth mention that the two pictures with light-blue sky really stick out being side by side in the largest picture juxtaposed all the darker-colored ones. It’s less obvious in the smaller Twitch offline image because they along with the spot of blue that’s --top-right-- left of them account for enough space that they don’t seem out of place. It may be a non-issue if you try a different framing on them, but I’m not certain, just my thoughts. I’m mad-jelly at the proof of concept; it looks awesome :wink:

Edit: How do I directions :wink:

Thanks for the feedback @Auth, I’ll definitely take that into account when choosing the final images. I have some soft filter layers on top of the masks that change them slightly so they go together more (brights out the blues, among other things).

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I’m not up with current thumbnail trends on YouTube right now, but do people put titles in the thumbnails anymore?

I really like the aesthetic and color scheme you are putting into the branding. I like how crisp and simple it is as well. It makes it recognizable rather quickly.

I also wonder how many and what versions of this concept you have already experimented with until you came up with this one. It would be interesting to hear how you were able to choose.

(as a small note, its always cool imo to have the youtube profile pic fit perfectly into the banner)

A lot of people do but I don’t really like that. Just personal preference.

This is not really possible because YouTube is responsive and fluid. It may line up on your screen or at max width but the banner and profile pic combination are used on many different screen sizes, platforms, and devices (even TV).

true dat. I like the asthetic regardless!

Test for a YouTube branding intro:

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The plus signs might look even more spiffy if they were a ‘V’ that split apart, sticking with the whole angle theme you’ve got going :wink:

That seems a bit too “v”-y

Meh. Maybe just straight vertical line then; something about the plus is out-of-place to me, but maybe it’s just me. The horizontal bit, that is.

I’m shall think about it whilst walking to pick up dinner.