Filthy Casual Raiding Group



For memberships in the filthy casual raid group post the following information:



Time Zone: (CST)

Previous raid experience:


Simply don’t have time for the Elite group so I guess I belong here.


Super Elite Tank


WoW vanilla stuff


I put my name in for the hardcore group but I’m down to raid with the casual group too. I have a lot of real life so if the casuals need a semi-hardcore that might work too.


I’d be down for weekend warriors if that’s what this is.
Dps or Healer, willing to do whatever
WoW Lich king stuff
I’m not 50 yet so I may not be ready immediately


Paging @Masivemurder


I don’t expect to have enough free time to commit to the progression group, so weekend warriors it is!

Class: Nightblade

Role: deeps

Time Zone: (CST) I live in this time zone.

Previous raid experience: I forget all the raid zone abbreviations, but suffice to say I was in a progression guild with multiple server/faction firsts in Warcraft from Burning Crusade through Lich king as a holy priest. In SWTOR I played a dps sorcerer through server first clears of all story/hard/nightmare content up to Terror From Beyond before my guild left for other games, and I was too busy to go looking for a new progression guild.

And yet despite of all this I am still a champion face puller.


I moved a post to a new topic: I am very new to the MMO world


Healer*/ DPS (secondary)

LOTRO, SWTOR, probably some others I can’t think of right now.

Just don’t have the time for the primary group.