Final Fantasy Type-0 Amazon Gold Box Deal



For those curious about FF Type-0, Amazon is having a decent $20 off sale today. This is about as good as you can get price wise until probably late summer. So if you have an RPG itch, it might be worth a look!

@PeterThomas6 gave the game a mini-review after streaming and uploading it which can be found here. (Looks like the copyright gremlins hit some of it though :frowning: )

Link uses the Strats Amazon referral page, which you should always use to help Support Strats. :heavy_dollar_sign: :heavy_dollar_sign: :heavy_dollar_sign:


Can you believe I’ve never played Final Fantasy?


With your enjoyment of MMO’s i’m honestly surprised you haven’t. Maybe some day you’ll have to Let’s Play a Final Fantasy on your stream so you’ll be committed to see it through the end. I don’t suggest starting with Type-0 though.


I swear every time a FF game gets brought up, you say this. Lmao. :laughing:

Thanks for all of the references to my stuff, Nubs. :smiley: It’s awfully kind of you. And yes, the copyright gremlins got part 1 of my videos, but the rest should be good for your viewing pleasure.


Haha that is true. I think it’s because I feel bad, as a gamer. I welcome public shame about it.


Well I got a busy day ahead of me.

No problem man, I know you played that game a lot and your efforts should be recognized!


As well you should, good sir. As well you should. :smile:

My suggestion is to grab one of the many that are on Steam (or grab Bravely Default, if you’ve got a 3DS), and give it a whirl. For someone who might be restricted by time, I usually recommend RPGs on handhelds for the ease of sleep mode. Just remember to save often because of those pesky batteries.